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[SUGGESTION] T-shirts?

Are we going to be making some really neat t-shirts to sell? I think we should. Maybe even other merch. I know I'd buy a t-shirt and mug. Maybe even a bumper sticker. Besides, it'd contribute money AND advertising to the project.

We could start up a CafePress account. I use this to sell t-shirts for my band. It's a little pricey but the products are of stellar quality and the delivery is fast. There are much cheaper services out there, but the printing looks like dirt, or worse, falls off after 1 wash. Also, the fabric used on the CP shirts is a higher thread count and doesn't stretch/rip as easily. On Demand shirts/hats/mugs.
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Yeah I've used them before. I completely agree. I'd really like to see this part happen. I'd really like a Xonotic t-shirt =)

I agree, I would most definitely like a Xonotic T-Shirt.

Likewise. Good use of my money. Better than food. Big Grin
Black shirt with the Xonotic logo?

Well, we could make multiple designs. It's really up to whoever wants to do this. I'd be happy to if I had the funds. I've designed t-shirts before. I think BennyDacks would be better, though. He has more experience with photoshop.

I do have a friend that has majored in graphic designs and makes WONDERFUL graphics and she would be happy to make some designs if I have a go for this idea.

Multiple designs? Easy, grab the link to the proposals for the logo desing on the main page.

Cafepress is awesome, I have a couple T-shirts from various people who have cafepress accounts and they've been some of my longest lasting shirts. I also would like a bumper sticker plz.
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I think one of the designs should read

"Xonotic: Where Counter Strike n00bs come to get owned." =D

A T-Shirt would be cool - but rather with the logo only and no slogan (for me).
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Well that's why there should be different designs.

(03-26-2010, 03:48 AM)Halogene Wrote: A T-Shirt would be cool - but rather with the logo only and no slogan (for me).

The same for me.

Quote:I think one of the designs should read

"Xonotic: Where Counter Strike n00bs come to get owned." =D

rotfl! ;-D
the logo and this txt below it - the shirt would be great ;-)
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I have I certainly thought of the idea of selling T-shirts. In fact, I talked with someone already about printing them. I have not discussed the ideas yet with other people, and no formal discussion has started to consider this. It's very early in the project planning process and merchandise is not high on the priority list.

One thing I want to mention here is if people in the community have an idea for a T-shirt, please discuss it with us first. Don't create and sell Xonotic T-shirts without our permission.

The Xonotic project could certainly use money, and this could be a part of that (selling t-shirts or other merchandise). Team Xonotic has discussed how to handle donations, but that conversation is certainly not finished. We have a lot more to discuss about that.

As far as using the money, we could use it to pay for resources (webserver) and also for some some marketing efforts.

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