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SO YEA HIGH PING EH? (oh caps is still on....)

this is too all them people out there that stay with their own servers , all nice and safe , all warm and cosy..


go visit some of ya mates around the world , say hello and have a game

think ya cant win?


keep on trying!!!


I thought this was a Xonotic demo...

well no.....

just trying to highlight somethink...

that sed it was hard , and very challenging Big Grin

i even nearly won the next map that i played too (dance) , so if old chooky can get out there and give it a shot , so can you guys ;p

oh and when xonotic does come out , i wonder if i can do as well again...hmmmmmm



Glad you are able to have fun and do well with your 300+ ping on the HOCTF servers chooksta. I tried playing on the aussie servers but I just can't adjust to a ping that high Undecided 300+ is nuts.
<[-z-]> have you seen the documentary "happy"?
<Samual_> no
<Samual_> it sounds horrible

I coudn't play it, maybe because I tried to play a symlink instead...
No. I coudn't play it either. Nor in Nexuiz nor in Xonotic.
I get "play [name] can play a demo" or sm+h l1k3 d15...

Anyway... my respect for your ping endurance and chillness Smile
I'm making Liblast - a FOSS online FPS game made with Godot 4 and a 100% open-source toolchain

Crazy Aussies and their ridiculous pings... Smile

Hey, it's not always about winning, must it? i hazd fun too. Just connect, say Harloo to ya fellaz, wave some body parts and have a snack or sumfin.
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