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[SUGGESTION] Rocket duel of awesome.

Since my first idea for a mod failed and is now being forgotten i thought i'd move on with a new suggestion.

I got this idea when me and Kojn simultaneously hit each other in the face with rockets in a duel.

It's pretty simple. The only weapon is Rocket launcher with unlimited ammo.

*You can't hurt yourselves with the rockets so you'll also use it for rocketjumping.

*1 thing i'd like is if you could use the scroll wheel on the mouse to modify the speed of a rocket in real time... Like, rocket goes fast to the corner -> you scroll down the speed -> your able to do an almost 90° turn -> scroll up the speed again and hope for the best.

Sure I don't know if this would be possible, but it would be a neat little future xD

Since I pretty much never play with all weapons I'll leave it up to you who are regulars to decide if you'd like this or not... Again, i just thought i'd throw it out there. =)
[Image: IUBFH.png]

Contact me on irc channel:
#Dietunichtguten @Quakenet

Seems pretty funny to me Smile
Moved to Mepper

Nvm this...

Cortez told me how to di it ^^
[Image: IUBFH.png]

Contact me on irc channel:
#Dietunichtguten @Quakenet


i assume nexquick mostly use the minsta button but not the others
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