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Hitboxes are too fat? (+vid +pic)

I played quite some open maps, and realized, when more custom big-sized maps will be added to the servers, nex and sniper rifle will TOTALLY dominate every other weapons. (mappers will put tons of ammos around them) Both weapons were nerfed several times but maybe we didnt realize the main reason why its so easy to hit the enemy is not only because of the perfectly working antilag, but partially because hitboxes are simply too fat.

So the question is: now that models have gotten slimmer, has the hitbox been also resized thinner according to that? For me it feels that it still could use a bit more slimming.
It wouldnt affect the splash damage weapons too much, but could definitely help to alliviate the common "hitscan weapons pwn everything" problem, and would make sniping more skill oriented.

wait.. wat? new models where made smaller then old ones TO FIT INSIDE THE HITBOX!!one1 My guess is it simply easier for some to hit due to visuals actually matching hitboxes.

Proof video Tongue

[Image: xonotic000003.jpg]

I still don't get why the models were adjusted and not the hitboxes ;D
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(01-11-2011, 11:54 AM)lda17h Wrote: I still don't get why the models were adjusted and not the hitboxes ;D
Because lot of models had different size i guess, so its better the unify their size and place it between the hitbox. The problem is that now animations are not leaning out from the box any more, but the anims are too wide and require the same size of box as in nexuiz. So basically it can only be fixed if the models get reanimated.
Personally, for me it was never annoying in Nexuiz, so i would rather go with the smaller box, outleaning model Tongue Like 15% thinner box could do wonders. Tongue


Did not see that one coming.

--- Better solution: Make the models bigger.

Well actually for me hitboxes were always too large, but as the antilag is now much better, it makes hitting guys far much easier. Yeah its not problem on stock maps but on community made open maps sniping got ridiculously easy, and will result massive camping in my opinion. A bit smaller (thicker, height is not problem) hitboxes would reduce the chance of being hit by campers.
I cant emphasize it enough: I'm not making a QQ thread, I just have a sense what is going to be coming in the close future, and trying to give an idea to alliviate this upcoming problem.

uuuuh... is that... is it... minsta? Tongue

I think it would be a better solution to make the models a bit bigger. (imo models are harder to hit than in nexuiz)

SOMEONE ACTUALLY TESTED THIS ON AN OPEN MAP!!! Anyway I always thought the boxes seemed just right, maybe a little too big but not too ridiculous. Maybe correct the weapons (couldn't even tell you how many times I said the nex and rifle weren't balanced) and possibly shave the hit boxes down only a little bit would fix this problem.

Oh wait.

The conversation last night on irc was that it is hard to edit the models making them larger without a modeler. I think the over all consensus is the models should be slightly bigger but obviously never having more than the top of the head breaching the hit box. I'm guessing DiaboliK is the man from the job. We would owe him a beer or two Tongue
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Nice find.
For me, player models sizes and movement physics were always a problem, even from the very beginning. No, I don't want to make this into another physics balance thread, but imho it's just ridiculous, that you can jump and climb a box just as high as your playermodel. Jumpheight was reduced, but it's still too high.
From a mapper's view, this results in much larger environments, compared to very small playermodels Do you think maps in master are in scale? Hah, make a clone next to the fork-lifts on g-23, and you'll see what I'm talking about.
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whenever I go to make a map, I always add a player spawn first, for scale reference. seems to work pretty well for me.
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