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Made new version of my "Random title goes here track", chiptune/chill/dub

Alright, it's semi-finished (that dark industrial track):

Called it wasteland, so if anybody feels like making a dark and gritty map, this would complement it nicely Smile
[Image: 4766.png]
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Some soundtrack concepts for my game in progress


Nice! Really atmospheric, gj.

"Rocket Jump" - a track I made for Xonotic today (tonight rather).

Loops in-game, might change a bit, if some feedback is gonna appear:

This is post #555. EPIC WIN!!
[Image: BSF48.png][Image: HMITP48.png][Image: S48.png][Image: TLT48.png]


(i may make a tune like old times 4 u guys , coming soon....)

[Image: 227.png]

(06-07-2014, 09:10 AM)chooksta Wrote: t?

(i may make a tune like old times 4 u guys , coming soon....)


Go for it! Never stop making tunes, you're doing great stuff Smile
I'd be a terrible loss if you gave it up!
[Image: BSF48.png][Image: HMITP48.png][Image: S48.png][Image: TLT48.png]

I'm excited, working on something interesting:

Not sure yet if it is meant for xonotic, it's probably a little bit too fast, perhaps good for CTS.. I could slow it down if it doesn't break the feeling of the song much.

Gonna have a small but detailed talk about the piece because yolo.

The file is called "sampleproject" because I want to take a shot at using more wave samples instead of synthesis, even though they (the samples) are generated from synthesis in the first place. I'm doing that because it is much easier to twist and mold a sample into a sound I want, both with external editors (such as Cool Edit Pro) and within Ableton Live itself. I was already using wave samples consisting of pure noise to synthesize the drums, the kick drum though is something that I had made long ago.. So far I've been constantly using that same kick sample for each of my tracks, but every time with slightly different parameters for the volume envelope.. pitch envelope and amount.. etc.

The fast melodic lead/bass you hear in the background actually consists of three separate instruments with separate melodies, all generated from exact the same sample, but with different amounts of frequency/amplitude modulation applied, by different wave-types (square, sine, etc) as well. Frequency modulation is generally a very powerful tool for making authentic sounds out of simplistic samples (or simply out of synthesis), a lot of the good old games like Tyrian 2000 relied on frequency modulation to create an extremely wide range of different sounds, check it out:

Back to my piece: The pads and other harmony effects/instruments are still based on synthesis, mainly some fancy tricks with very high/wet reverb, then making the stereo field much thinner, then panning the (thin) sound around; it gives quite an interesting effect.

I guess that's all.. Enjoy my brainfart, I'll shut up now : P
[Image: 4766.png]
[My personal website: AquaNova ] - <> - [Ingame: <PsyX> :::: <-Archer-< :::: ]

Like you say, it may be a bit too fast. I do like it though! Good work.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?


I made a simple D'n'B track, maybe it could play for some frag video?
[Image: BSF48.png][Image: HMITP48.png][Image: S48.png][Image: TLT48.png]

Nice track!

Nice indeed. I'll keep it in mind if I ever accumulate enough frags again. Check back in 3 more years... Smile
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

Revisit to an old song of mine. It's bit experimental.

I'm not a fan of listening to dj mixes but this one is pretty good and the track selection is pretty nice

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end user, I think you posted in the wrong thread?

Here's something little different I made with a friend

Instrumental by Slut Charmer
Vocals and lyrics by me
Art by Sissy Wood

Lyrics here, might be easier to follow if you read while listening. My english and mic aren't that high in quality.

@Smilecythe, I don't get it :x

Cool instrumental though.

It's satire stand-up mixed with instrumental. It tells a story about an anti-social man getting raped by a woman while drunk, to my knowledge not related to any real event, purely fictional in nature Tongue

Collection of random unfinished songs, harsh experiments and audio clips. Various genres: instrumental, industrial, hardcore, harsh noise, voice acting/prank calls/talking/finnish/finglish, grindcore, dubstep and something I can't categorize. Maybe you can pick up something you like in there, don't expect good quality though.

(03-28-2010, 02:20 PM)kay Wrote:
(03-28-2010, 12:09 PM)The mysterious Mr. 4m Wrote: Are You Aphex Twin fan by any chance? Smile

not really a fan, but I listen to it yes Big Grin

Well I am of course



Smothering touch everywhere
places that used to have hair
Fiercely harversting your beauty
like it's some kinda duty
The skin that I always wore
shouldn't disappoint you more
When shit hits the fan
switch to me I'm yo' man

Alpha third wheeler, girlfriend stealer
Alpha third wheeler, love's equator
Alpha third wheeler, emotion dealer
Alpha third wheeler, eyes peeled on her

Alpha third wheeler, heart eater
Alpha third wheeler, drama dictator
Alpha third wheeler, friendship traitor
Alpha third wheeler, strikes like thunder

Not surviving being young
without adding in some tounque
The poison of the beast
no-one expects the least
The hill you had to climb
were his manacles of crime
When shit goes down south
lay kiss upon my mouth

Alpha third wheeler.......

Wow. Slut charmer, fuck you and heil satan. Definitely not Mom approved.
[Image: 38443.png]

What's your part? Smile

Lots of words that trigger my moderation reflexes but then it seems to lack a message that would actually make it worth non-approving. Either that, or I'm just too dumb to get it - but I suspect the former for the benefit of keeping the post unmoderated.
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