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CRAZY tweaks

If there's one thing that can kill some time, it's snooping the advanced options and making tweaks specific to your system (my specs at bottom of page). I aimed to cut stuff that wasn't noticeable visually while improving what is noticeable. Here's my tweaks:

Frame Rate (lol at l33t settings, couldn't help it. They do a good job of stopping the frame rate from dropping and generally speaking you aint going to be eying the pretty details when the action gets heavy so I have yet to notice the game get ugly when they're set that way. Taoki/Mircea Kitsune's maps also never slowdown for me anymore when using them lol. Player reduction in my opinion should be default, as the setting I made isn't really noticeable visually while playing and at the same time speeds things up.)
cl_maxfps 64
cl_minfps 60
cl_minfps_fade 1337
cl_minfps_qualitypower 1337
cl_playerdetailreduction 5

Visuals (Improves things A LOT in my opinion in terms of how the game looks. The gibs look bad when idle, but look perfect when in motion. Giving them a low life time de-clutters the environment while at the same time still letting you know you messed someone up. The decal settings fix a few annoying things I notice with the defaults, namely not seeing anything drawn when I know a mess was made in the room next to me or when someone gets blasted near a wall that's far away. The shell casings just look cool with the settings I mad in my opinion, really lets you know someone got some lead out.)
cl_decals_fadetime 40
cl_decals_time 1
cl_decals_max 300
cl_decals_visculling 0
r_drawdecals_drawdistance 3000

cl_gibs_lifetime 2
cl_gibs_maxcount 30

cl_casings_bronze_time 24
cl_casings_maxcount 500
cl_casings_shell_time 24

cl_explosions_alpha_end 1

r_bloom_resolution 512

r_shadow_deferred 1

r_shadow_shadowmapping 1
r_shadow_shadowmapping_maxsize 768
r_shadow_shadowmapping_minsize 64

r_water 1
r_water_refractdistort 0.019

Motion blur (NOTE: my game runs at 60-64fps on a 75Hz CRT, I tweaked the blur to look EXACTLY how I see motion blur in real-life)
r_motionblur 0.100000
r_motionblur_maxblur 2
r_motionblur_bmin -0.5
r_motionblur_randomize 0

Memory usage (NOTE: I have 4 GB of DDR2 and a 1GB videocard, giving the lightmaps the memory typically used by your textures increasing the performance DRASTICALLY; in my case it removed almost all sudden slowdowns and allowed me to cap my fps at 64 instead of 50. DO NOT SET THE LIGHTMAPSIZE TOO HIGH FOR YOUR SYSTEM!, texture gl_max_size automatically scales down so that's a pretty safe setting to tweak.)
gl_max_lightmapsize 2048
gl_max_size 768

Available through the video settings
Color Depth: 32 bit
Vertical Sync: HELL NO
Use OpenGL 2.0 Shaders (GLSL): On
Use GLSL to handle color control: On
Vertex Buffer Objects: Vertices, some Tris
Depth first: ALL
Wait for GPU to finish each frame: On (this may be specific to my machine, I find the game performs better when it's enabled though)
Saturation: 1.05 (slightly more saturated, looks better in my opinion)

Available through the effects settings
Geometry detail: Normal (can't tell difference between normal and insane)
Antialiasing: off (what does it do?)
Texture Resolution: Best
Anisotropy: 4X (unnoticeable past this in my opinion)
Particle Quality: 0.5
Particle Distance: 700 (unnoticeable while playing past this mark to me)
Decals: On, do not touch the sliders as that will screw with the custom settings
Use Lightmaps: On
Deluxe Mapping: On
Gloss: On
Reflections: Good
Offset Mapping: OFF (KILLS frame rate, and doesn't look right unless you enable relief mapping which kills your frame rate even more)
Relief mapping: OFF
Realtime Dynamic Lighting: On
Realtime World Lighting: On
Use Normal Maps: On
Coronas: On
Use Occlusion Queries: On
Shadows (realtime dynamic lighting, world lighting): On
Soft Shadows: On
Bloom: On
High Dynamic Range: OFF (Kills framerate, some maps like Stormkeep also look ridiculous with it)
Motion Blur: On, do not touch the slider as doing so will mess with a custom setting
Damage blur: On, I personally prefer 0.3

System specs this was done on
Operating System: Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit
Screen Resolution: 2048 X 1536 @ 75Hz
CPU: AM2+ Socket, AMD Phenom II X4 Black Edition 3GHz
RAM: 4GB (2X 2GB) DDR2 1066 in dual channel
GPU: Nvidia Geforce 9800GTX, 256 bit, 1GB GDDR3
HDD: 7200RPM SATA drive with 32MB Cache

Oh wait.

how exactly do I set vertical sync to "hell no"? I don't see that option anywhere in the config files.
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lol I think that should be an option, vsync is EVIL!!!

Oh wait.

gl_picmip_world 8

^ give it a try
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?



(yea , u love it , if ya can do it... , vidz to prove NOW!)





Wouldn't it be nice to save such presets in files and load them from the menu? I imagine that players could save custom different settings in the menu and load them, optimization would be fairly easy then.
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