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Mac OS X 10.6.3 released

Why is this relevant for Xonotic? Because of the following snippet from the change log:
Quote:General operating system fixes and improvements provided for:
  • [...]
  • [compatibility issues with OpenGL-based applications
Also OS X 10.6.3 brings (partial) support for OpenGL 3.0.

With some luck this will help perform the game better on the OS X platform.

oh cool, *to the update!*

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The engine does not yet use the OGL 3.0 (or 3.x, 4.0) rendering path.. maybe in the future..
But maybe that compat fix does something Smile
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Hello guys,

I am an old Nexuiz player and Mac OS X user.
In the past, I tried 2 or 3 times to find help in the Nexuiz forum for my purpose to change some Darkplaces code and make it fit better with Mac OS X.
For example the use of Carbon that is an obsolete API and risk to be deprecated with every new release of Mac OS X. Other changes are related to OpenGL extensions used in Darkplaces, there could be some differences with Apple reccomendations that could be worth to be investigated.

I don't know, the state of the current code, but if it is still based on Carbon I think that Xonotic project could be a good opportunity to change it.

I am looking for Mac OS X developers interested in help making Darkplaces and therefore Xonotic work better on Mac OS X.

P.S. It could be interesting. In the past I did build successfully Darkplaces with Xcode (no make or similar) and LLVM enabled.

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