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q3map2 x64 for Windows

So here come all the needed binaries obtained with some voodoo magic and random luck. Complemented by a batch file for making the map compilation easier. Maybe only few will find this version useful, maybe even none. I just got tired of compiler's constant safe_malloc fails on my map.
Can't say much more right now, it's 5AM here making me wonder why I'm not yet sleeping faic on keyboard. Please test it whoever is able to.


thank you!!! Smile
[Image: 788.png]

(09-03-2011, 04:45 PM)rainerzufalldererste Wrote: thank you!!! Smile


OMG, sweet! Thank you Big Grin

Has anyone checked how much faster it compiles, compared to the normal q3map2? This should help a lot with those huge maps that take hours to compile. I imagine it might even be a few times faster.

Also: If the admins find a stable way to compile this from GIT, can it be included with netRadiant by default? That would be even more awesome. Maybe you can post the instructions of how you got this working too, if they help.

Likely it does not compile much, if any at all, faster then a optimized 32 bit build (feel free to prove me wrong, haven't tested - just my general experience with ported 32 bit apps). What it definitely does do/help with is not limit you to 2 gigs of memory during compile.

Also thanks, and what build-chain did you use? Learning how to make 64 bit build on windows would be even more useful then pre-compiled binaries Wink

Could someone post a mirror of the file? The link is broken Sad

(09-24-2014, 03:46 PM)toneddu2000 Wrote: Could someone post a mirror of the file? The link is broken Sad

It should be available in netradiant and you can compile from the gui or command line I guess
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(09-24-2014, 08:26 PM)end user Wrote:
(09-24-2014, 03:46 PM)toneddu2000 Wrote: Could someone post a mirror of the file? The link is broken Sad

It should be available in netradiant and you can compile from the gui or command line I guess

toneddu2000 has had trouble with compiling NetRadiant:

I promised to help by trying myself, but I can't get virtualbox to run, so I'm waiting for a fix from them :X

thank guys for your replies. I'll tried this but it crashes if I double click it. I'll try even Ingar's page but NetRadiant x64 doesn't compile. I'll try to compile it on my own and share the file!

Halogene helped me fix my vbox, so I'll be able to test compilation. I'll be doing that this weekend, I'll update your thread then, toneddu2000.

Thanks a lot Mr. Bougo!

Ok, I found it. I'm pretty proud of myself, not because I was able to compile by myself (because I couldn't! Smile), but because I searched for an entire day the quickest solution.
A little tutorial is a must. If you need q3map2 64bit you have to:
1) Go here and download Unzip it wherever you want and copy the x64 in your netradiant folder so your netradiant folder structure will be
--and so on
2)go in to the game folder that you need to modify (for example and edit default_build_menu.xml with a text editor
3) change [RadiantPath] with C:\yourprogramfolderpath\netradiant-blabla-win32\x64\q3map2.[ExecutableType]" and save
4) Now open your map and add this key to worldspawn entity:
key: _blocksize (don't forget _ at start!)
value: 32768 (or bigger, as long as power of 2)
5) compile and you're done!
In 2 minutes (but without lights), I compiled without errors a map 91360x76848 units!I took four minutes to go from one side to another! Smile
With q3map2 it was crashing at FloodEntities point with
ERROR: LoadPortals: couldn't read prt, etc.
Now it works!

EDIT: scaled the map to NetRadiant maximum grid bounds (130000x130000) and player walks for 6 minutes and 50 sec before reaches the other wall!Smile
There's a way to increase NetRadiant grid bounds?

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