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Flyer Contest (for Xonotic advertisement)

Hi, I searched the Forum for the term "Flyer", but I couldn't find anything useful. How do you like the idea to let the community design a flyer, which could be printed and then copied. It should be monochromatic, because this wouldn't cost too much to duplicate. See the attachment, it's the best one I could do Cool

.pdf   xonotic_flyer.pdf (Size: 266.57 KB / Downloads: 40)

I guess there could be more information, like that is it a free FPS.
People who never heard of it are probably like "Xonotic? Sounds weird and I'm lazy *throws it away*".
[Image: 21.png]
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I guess the possibility of a contest should be discussed. I moved this in general, feel free to make a contest thread if people seem interested.

Hmm, this was intended to be a contest thread actually Smile
Anyway, I got another idea. Do you know those CD-Labels you can download for Ubuntu and Fedora? If not, here's an example:
My idea is to open a contest on the CD artwork for Xonotic, it should also be monochromatic to keep it compatible with LightScribe.

The Idea of a flyer is good, but your example is more a sticker, isn't it?

Btw: where do you think could flyer being placed?
Kiosk, Computer Stores, Linux Days, Lan party, anything else?
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I was not thinking about letting people actually actively distribute them, since this would cost either money or lost of effort and as Mirio said: "Xonotic? Sounds weird and I'm lazy *throws it away*", would happen much too often. Instead my idea was to simply place them wherever flyers can be placed free of charge, e.g. bars university toilets or subway stations. Making a sticker out of it, would be a good idea, too, it guess. LAN parties would be the only good place to distribute them actively I guess. Another idea would be to prepare a few CD's with LightScribe Labels and circulate them on LAN parties, this could make Xonotic quite popular I think. However, it would be practical to offer a downloadable *.iso image with Autostart and Installer (as most people use Windows anyway and so these are the people you what to get). The downloadable *.zip is perfectly alright, since it's functional. However, a stylish installer (cf. Quake2 Windows Installer) might be a good idea (one without any optional toolbar or junk like that). Just imagine: People at a LAN party get a professional looking CD free of charge, they insert it into their CD drive and are welcomed by an installer program that puts a stylish picture on the screen (cf. whisper1's post below). I think that would be more appealing than an extractable zip.

Hey, I made a Jewel Case Cover in pdf-format. Looks alright when printed, what do you think? Big Grin

Attached Files
.pdf   jewel_case.pdf (Size: 423.76 KB / Downloads: 25)

Good to see that some of my stuff is useful for at least some people Smile
But the quality of that close up isn't rly that good (or perhaps it's just me). I can give you a 1080p version (or any resolution that's needed) of it, if you want.


looks really great, you could upload it to the media section. Could you exchange "xonotic." with "", this would make a great wallpaper. I made another DIYmarketing DVD cover using one of rainerzufalldererste's posters. How do you like it?
See attachment Smile

Attached Files
.pdf   DVD_cover.pdf (Size: 438.67 KB / Downloads: 15)

There you go, 1080p (just click at the thumbnail for fullsize).

[Image: thumbnaildr2s.png]

(10-17-2011, 01:38 PM)Sarge999 Wrote: Hi,

looks really great, you could upload it to the media section. Could you exchange "xonotic." with "", this would make a great wallpaper. I made another DIYmarketing DVD cover using one of rainerzufalldererste's posters. How do you like it?
See attachment Smile

The Cover is great! Will make a sample for the next Lanparty :-)
Always keep the fun in your life.

Hey, I made another cover (includes Jewel Case Cover and DVD cover with inlay), it's a little big, so I decreased quality in the *.pdf (about 1meg, the original is 35megs). Looks cool enough though Cool We could make a contest out of this, everyone interested makes a case cover, one winner is chosen or the best parts out of the top 3 covers are chosen and reassembled to make one winner cover. What do think? I like that idea.

Attached Files
.pdf   case_cover.pdf (Size: 1,000.78 KB / Downloads: 22)

Nice covers, really Smile
[Image: 561.png]
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I'd be interested in a flyer. We have a computer shop here with an owner who's into linux, could ask him to stick it up in his shop window.

can anyone share me the original xonotic logo?

I think i can do something but i can't find the logo....

(10-30-2011, 01:19 AM)forseti Wrote: can anyone share me the original xonotic logo?

I think i can do something but i can't find the logo....
You mean the one at the top of this forum or a better version? you can try there

check;hb=HEAD for logo source

There you go
.zip (Size: 4.73 MB / Downloads: 10)

Second version of a Xonotic Flyer.
It has a size of 55cm x 35cm and a resolution of 300ppi

Small Preview:

[Image: nfxva6th7v9nq0grbvmi_thumb.jpg]

Nice poster Smile
You could put more pictures in there, don't you think? There's a lot of black in there. I made a poster, too. How do you like it? (Edit: Deleted because of too low resolution)

I can add more pictures but it would be useless. In fact, most of the people will only see the logo, the text under it and the platforms in the right side.
A small percentage of people will see the 4 pictures and really a few will read the whole poster.

The idea is to give the most relevant info at the beginning, that is "free fast-paced first person shooter". If you don't give this info people won't get interested. They are not likely to investigate about ads, then we cannot show them the logo and expect they will search what the logo and the word "xonotic" means or states for.

We also cannot add a lot of info or pictures, they will feel overwhelmed and won't read or see anything.

About your poster, it is good but you are missing the "free fast-paced first person shooter" info. The major problem i see with it is that the resolution is too small, a picture to look good when printed needs a minimum resolution of about 150ppi (over 200ppi if you want something more like a photography), yours is 96ppi, fix the resolution and add the info about what "xonotic" is and it will be perfect Wink

I used the "media-pack" and the resolutions provided in there, so I guess this won't be possible. Dodgy I'll make another and delete the old one. What do you think of the idea to have a DIY PR contest? I'm thinking of a DVD cover, a flyer, stickers, posters and a jewel case cover for the OST. The winner gets a free Xonotic copy Big Grin. Seriously, the "Top 3" could be included in the media-pack. By the way, how do I start a poll ??????????
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Ylu have to make a new thread to make a poll. Just click on "attach poll" then.

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