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[SUGGESTION] mouse cvars

i know im already starting to piss off ppl with my craziness about mouse settings (sry mr.bougo Tongue ) but its rly important to me... so heres the thing, some time ago a custom optimized exe build came out for the standalone quake3 mod urban terror (Forum thread about the optimized build) which besides of a huge list of other awesome improvements enabled u to use /in_rawmouse 1
what this means:
Quote:WM_INPUT (aka Raw Input)
This option is only available on builds based on 'recent' ioQuake3 sources, such as Optimized ioUrT build and dmaHD, with Raw Input (like Quake Live).
This is used by the option \in_mouse 1 with conjunction of \in_rawmouse 1. WM_INPUT messages are read directly from the Human Interface Device (HID) stack and reflect high-definition results and provides lowest possible input latency.
Using WM_INPUT also allow you to directly bind MOUSE4 and MOUSE5 buttons in-game.

i know darkplaces is a modified quake1 engine and quake3 is different but would it be possible to implement this feature anyways?

it would mean ALOT to me since this improved my aim in this game drastically Smile

Can this even be implemented crossplatform? In SDL I think this can be done but in GLX and WGL?
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