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[SUGGESTION] Remove the PHP tag

The only part of Xonotic that uses PHP is the website, the forum and the stats. Is there any need for a [\php] tag?

I propose that the forum tag is removed and any post that has used the [\php] tag can be converted to [\code].

PHP Code:


I tried to override [php] with [code] but that failed. Welp.

Could I give it a try?
[Image: signature.php] [Image: DVlpo.png]

Give what a try? Tongue

(04-08-2012, 01:58 PM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Give what a try? Tongue

PHP Code:
Fixing the PHP tag issuemaybe Soelen wants to become an adminThen he can follow the links I posted earlier and change the tags from [i]php[/ito [i]code[/i].

He could fix the css.

This thread also has the php tag 

If you want to fix the css, then by all means...!

Oops, I fixed the css a few weeks ago, unstickying this thread now Smile

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