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Console Tips & Tricks

I understand (i think) the logics, but fail with code, i tried ""bx_if_not_eq ${bx_weapon} blaster; bx_if_eq ${bx_weapon} blaster weaplast"" but failed

Split your commands into parts and find out where they fail. Also keep in mind the console is retarded and broken in various ways - e.g. you can't set a cvar and read the new value in one alias - it'll keep using the old value presumably because cvar expansion happens too early. You have to split it into multiple aliases - this will first print old_value, then new_value:
set some_cvar old_value
alias step1 "set some_cvar new_value ; echo $some_cvar ; step2"
alias step2 "echo $some_cvar"

Another issue is that nested curly braces are broken so stuff like
${${1 !}}
won't work - again you have to split it into multiple steps.
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