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Digsyite alpha

Digsyite !


this is a server/sp ready alpha version of my digsyite map (the one I was working on for my study)

The map is made for DM ... however it is quite different than your typical map

  1. It is very wide open ... so the nex is powerful ... however ... it is locked behind a three door forcefield that can only be opened by pushing the three respective buttons
  2. There is a flying vehicle
  3. breakable glass
  4. many jetpacks are scatterd around to help tackle the large verticalness of the map
  5. I have made every texture in the map (except the sky)
  6. bot waypoints
  7. ...
  8. a hlac

It would be nice if someone could get this on a server so that it could be tested to see if it actually plays well ...

I was actually able to squeeze the 600 mg of data down to a 30 mb pk3 ... (I had alot of unused/unfinished textures to cut out)

anyways ... heres the link

enjoy Big Grin

Nice eye candy! I love your textures!

I havent play tested it, just ran around. I never did figure out the whole nex 3 door thing. I'd imagine that's something that new players would hate because the experienced players would know how to get the nex and rape them with it all match long.

A few suggestions I have about the aircraft. Turn it around so the player will see the breakable wall as they rise. I flew all the way to the top thinking that was the way out because I didn't see the cracks in the wall. Also, if you could add a ceiling to that spot, it would suggest that there is some other way out. I know it probably doesn't make sense that the vehicle is in a room with no way out, but I'm just speaking in terms of gameplay.

Also, what is the idea behind the jet pack at the top of the map? Seems kinda pointless to fly up there for another jet pack. I suppose someone might go up there to snipe, but that's awfully far out of the way.

Overall, looks like a very fun map, and I think you had fun in mind more than anything when designing it. I would like to play it with people, but idk how well that will go. My fps is at around 40 and even drops to 20 in some areas, and that's just with me in the map.

... I didn't seem to have any framerate issues ... but then I didn't do a good job at calking ... that might have been and issue ... the drops were probably when you were near one of the buttons for the nex doors (they have a camera/warpzone near them)

... how did you not figure it out? I tried to make it simple ... even with wires leading to the areas where the buttons are ... one is in the flyer room ... go up to the blue triangle ... walk into it (touch it) and the door opens ... touch it again and the door closes ... the little tv shows what is happening real time ... maybe I didn't make it obvious enough...

... good points about the flyer room ... i'll need to fix those ...

... about the jetpack ... I completely forgot I put one up there ...

Well, I didn't read your description until after playing it, so i didn't know about the nex room before hand. I never figured it out on my own, or even realized the triangles were buttons lol. So it might not be bad map design, just a slowness on my part.

probably bad design ... seeing as it was intended for noobs to make it harder for the pros to get at the nex

There are some grey boxes not clipped (can walk through them) - check it. Smile

The map is funny to explore and some parts are really interesting like the breakable wall.
I did not even find the Nex room thing - I checked if there is a Nex on the map but decided to explore the top (too lazy to go for Nex). Big Grin
Also I did not try to get the MinstaNex, but is it even possible down there? Probably with sick Jetpack flying I guess.

Anyway, the map is interesting and looks good but I don't think it's really good for playing.
The fightings areas are rather small and narrowed (sometimes) and it's huge. You would need a lots of players, so you don't run around alone all the time.
The opportunity to fall into the middle-big-slime/lava-hole-circle is big and can interupt fights for sure (player just falling) and I don't know how much a good camper would destroy this. Smile

I don't know how to fix (my) issues, but to explore a map is fun too though. Tongue

Fun: I thought the same like W4RP1G about the Raptor, I tried to leave through the top BUT did not even notice the breakable wall. I saw it much later by accident when some shots went somewhere random and out of the sudden they destroyed something. Big Grin

The nex is on the pillar in the middle...
Yes it is possible to get the minsta with a jet pack ... but very very hard
The map was intended for larger fights (which is why I want to try it on a server) ... for duels I usually end up with negative points ... cause apparently I fail at navigating my own map...

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