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[SOLVED] Freezing

Hello.. my friends told me about this game so i wanted to give it a shot Smile

I downloaded it and started the application, but than the Laging (freezing) came up and i didn't know what to do.. i tryed to search on google or somthing how to fix this laging at start my mouse is laging , sound is laging and so on.. so plz if u could tell me how to fix this it would be nice Smile
and i'm using Windows.

Ty for help

Try the xonotic-sdl icon maybe?

What kind of pc do you have?

good enough to run this game...

Hutty is that you... Tongue

wha? ... no ... there are other people who use dots ...

zombil ... you machine may be good enough ... but it obviously isn't working for xonotic ... in order to help you we will need to know what version of windows you are using ... your graphics card ... and other info that may seem important ...

And try sdl, pretty please?

I tryed SDL same like befor.

I got ATI radeon 4850, intel 2 duo e8400, 4 GB of ram and planty of space on disk, Asus P5Q pro board, need anything else?

and windows version Windows 7 Ultimate

What driver? Try lower the settings, I can only run Xonotic on descent frame rate with the non-free driver for ATI.

by non-free machine means not - opensouce/ official ati ... both drives are free as in beer ...

anyways ... if you haven't already ... futs with different quality settings and resolutions ... the darkplaces engine (the one xonotic uses ) has some strange quirks that ( in certain situations) make it slower than other games ...

also ... try turning off aeroglass before playing (doubt it will do anything ... though)

also also ... you day lagging and freezing ... are we correct in assuming that this is a graphical thing?
or did you mean network lag (with a little clock in da corner ...)

for example ... does this lagging also happen in singleplayer matches?

Already fixed, thanks for your help anyway

How did you fix it?

Yeah, an explain to what you did would be nice - in case that anyone has the same problem in the future.
[Image: Sigsig.jpg]

(07-24-2012, 04:38 PM)zombil Wrote: I got ATI radeon 4850, intel 2 duo e8400, 4 GB of ram and planty of space on disk, Asus P5Q pro board and windows version Windows 7 Ultimate.

I must admit I was expecting you to have a laptop with Intel graphics "The guy in the shop said it should run today's games".

Sorry Hutty, you are quite correct. Lots and lots and lots of people use ... .

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