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Push Me!

It does, if you have the nexuiz compat pack. But it's way better to retexture and properly package the map because not everybody has the pack.
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Well, I just was interested in having some more maps for my singleplayer, like ons-reborn, it's not for in a server, just for personal use.

I use the autobuild, do I have that Nexuiz compat pack then?

No, I guess you don't. The sources are in git, I'm not sure it's available in packaged form.
[Image:]640K ought to be enough for anybody.
     ― Linux Torvalds

its included in the 0.1 version
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It'sMe thank you.
I can now use the map.

This is how i've done it:
Unzip to C:\Users\Emily\Desktop\
Copy mapname.pk3 to C:\Users\Emily\Desktop\Xonotic\Data\
Open C:\Users\Emily\Desktop\Xonotic\Data\xonotic.exe
Go to Multiplayer Window
If Create button is unclickable
Go to Player Setup button
Change the Name from name input box
Click Apply Immediately Button
Create button should be clickable now
Double click the mapname
Click Play button.
That's it.

(08-29-2011, 10:02 AM)ItsMe Wrote: In your personal files is a folder called My Games

Put the pk3 file into
My Games/xonotic/data

Then you can choose the map in the menu of Xonotic
Multiplayer > Create
Pick the map Smile and start...

It's preferable to put community maps in your personal data directory in "My Documents\My Games\Xonotic\data".
The install directory should stay clean so that you can replace it if it turns out to be necessary for an update, without fearing any data loss.
[Image:]640K ought to be enough for anybody.
     ― Linux Torvalds

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