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How do I get enemies in my map?

Sounds stupid, but I can't do this. I create info_player_team1 and info_player_team2 but no bots show up on the other team. How do I achieve this? Really, I'm probably missing something obvious, but I have no idea.

Thanks for any help.

Did you enable bots? That's not a per-map settings, the info_player entities are spawn entities that players and bots alike use to spawn. To enable bots, you can set bot_number to the number of bots you desire. You can do this by typing for example bot_number 1 to have one bot in your game. Type that in the Xonotic console, you can access it with shift-escape in the hosting client or by typing in the controlling terminal in a dedicated server or sending it through rcon.

Thanks. That works great. Is it possible to prevent the bot from re spawning? Reason is, I'm making a single-player level with a start and finish, and want bots to fight on the way, BUT I want them to remain dead whilst I'm in a certain area. I assume if I make, say fifteen team2 spawn points, and choose fifteen bots to be spawned, then one will spawn at each location?

The level is coming along nicely - I'm fixing up the textures at the minute. Whilst I'm here, I hope I can also ask how do I print text on the screen (I want a point where the game says "Press Space to Jump") in game and how to have lights that flicker in some places (the game is supposed to start on a crashed starship which is heavily damaged)

Thanks again!

flickering lights are tricky ...
they are not added in radiant ... instead you add them in game using the console ...
make sure you have real-time/world-lighting on in the effect settings

For bots respawning ... im not really sure what you can do ... extensive spawn control is something I have wanted for a while ...
Mario is kind of in charge of the single layer development at the moment (at least he is the only on actually doing something on the development side) you should contact him ...

As for text ... I've always wondered that too (it is possible ...)

What you want is not bots, it's something called "monsters" for which we have no support yet. Mario is working on this though, as far as I know. Bots are designed to be a substitute for players in multiplayer games, not entities that are part of a map. Monsters are entities in a map and are more of a singleplayer concept.

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