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How to get rid of the line on edge of warpzone?

Hello. I'm playing with warpzones in NetRadiant, but have two problems. First and most important: there is a visible line on edge of warpzone: [Image: h_1427023000_9592044_f04c3923ce.png]
What can be wrong here? Link to bsp and map files.

And second question. Is there any way to make light emiting through warpzone (or maybe simulate it)?

I dont have access to radiant ATM, but iirc the way its done in glowplant is something like this:
The wapzone surface is extended into the wall to hide the dark outline.
The walls around wapzone is trimmed with dark-ish textures and actual trim ones, hiding the lightmap discrepancies.
You can still spot it if you look real close, but its pretty seamless, but may be good enough. source is in master.

Thank you for the reply. Setting texture to black hides the line, but extending warpzone surface into a wall didn't make any effect. Also, I've changed skybox in glowplant and my test map. After this line still invisible in glowplant but became visible in test map.

Its been so long i honestly don't remember the steps, but i do remember it was fiddly to get right. best advice i can give is to study the map source (and perhaps shader/s) for hints.

Problem is solved by using texture with shader with q3map_surfacelight. It touches line and makes it hard to see.

Could you post an example of the shader/map/structure? This may be helpful for others. Wink

(03-24-2015, 05:32 PM)Maddin Wrote: Could you post an example of the shader/map/structure? This may be helpful for others. Wink
Sure, pk3 file here. But there is nothing really interesting, just a lightened texture (shader from effects_beam with removed alpha).
(Reflections should be turned on in settings.)

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