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Warpzone issues / troubleshooting

I'm trying to set up a pair of warpzones / teleports in a map I'm working on, but I'm having some issues getting it to behave itself.

Basically, I can fire either way through the teleporter, but otherwise it doesn't work (I have been able to walk through one way at times, but never the other - and it seems to be unreliable - I tweak a few things to try and get the other side working and suddenly both don't work again).

I've got two trigger_warpzones, both containing a single brush and both the same size. Each has a target_position entity associated with it, placed dead forward of its origin. The keys have been setup as follows:

trigger_warpzone #1
targetname: warp1_upper
target: warp1_lower
killtarget: warp1_upper_pos

target_position #1:
targetname: warp1_upper_pos

trigger_warpzone #2:
targetname: warp1_lower
target: warp1_upper
killtarget: warp1_lower_pos

trigger_position #2:
targetname: warp1_lower_pos

I do see these warnings on ma[/quote]p start that seem relevant:
Xonotic log Wrote:trigger_warpzone near '-130.0 -896.0 9.0' has been moved to match the plane ('-130.0 -896.0 9.0' -> '-130.0 -956.0 9.0').
trigger_warpzone near '-72.0 -8.0 385.0' has been moved to match the plane ('-72.0 -8.0 385.0' -> '-72.0 -60.0 385.0').

(Also - on a related note - What do I need to do I want people to be able to see through the portal? At the moment I can see the haze from the warpzone texture, but all I can see through it is wall behind it).

If all you want is for the warpzones to work like normal, you've overcomplicated it a bit...

You just need to point the target of both warpzones to the targetname of the opposite, for example:
1: trigger_warpzone
1: target wz2
1: targetname wz1

2: trigger_warpzone
2: target wz1
2: targetname wz2

I believe target_position is used for more complicated setups, like one-way warpzones and cameras.
It should also be noted that all faces on the warpzone brush should be common/trigger, except the face you want the players to see and travel through, which should be common/warpzone.
[Image: 230.png]

Mario, as far as I can remember you only need to link it in one direction like this:

1: trigger_warpzone
1: target wz

2: trigger_warpzone
2: targetname wz

Looks like you're right, either way should work without issues though.
[Image: 230.png]

Ok, so it's working a bit better after removing the target_position entries from the map (I'd added them in response to an error message, but it looks like it's working fine without them now).

Still not working perfectly though - I can see through the portal on both sides, and can fire weapons through on either side. However, I can only walk through one portal and come out the other - I can't go back the other way. I've tried with only one target/targetname and with each trigger_warpzone linked back to the other but neither works.

At this point, it's sounding like it might be a design issue... Could you post the .map file here?
[Image: 230.png]

I've just managed to get it working by making both warpzone brushes thicker (not quite sure why that would help, but increasing the thickness from 16 to 32 units has them both working).

Yes, this is necessary. A player has to fit in the brush in order to make it traversable. It also says so in the entity description:
Quote:A warp zone, i.e. seamlessly connecting two parts of the map.
One surface of this entity must have the common/warpzone shader (or a similar selfmade shader) - this will be the warp plane - the others must be common/trigger.
Must target, or be targeted by, another trigger_warpzone with a congruent common/warpzone surface.
Should target a target_position, or be targeted by a misc_warpzone_position.
Should be thick enough to fit a player entity (i.e. 32 units), preferably even thicker.

Oddly enough, one end worked when 16 units thick, one didn't. Not sure what happened there.

Out of curiosity - where are these entity description stored? I haven't seen them within Netradiant.

The Entities window (press N) has a list of entities and descriptions for them. You may need to move around some separators to make the areas visible.
[Image: 230.png]

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