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Lightning Gun Concepts

[Image: racer_brute_r2_by_iggy_design-d7oatdm.jpg]

[Image: racer_brute_r1_by_iggy_design-d7oash3.jpg]

Actually this is a spaceship, but when I saw it, I could immediately imagine this would be a very cool weapon model, with some tweaks applied. I love those radiators on the top of it, and also the shielding "wings", if bent a bit and made shorter, could be a cool visual feature.
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Those on the top are CPU cooling fans, the cpu must use a hell lot of energy for focusing the arc, aiming and tetris. Side fans are for NVida G 20780, used to render the scanning radar 3-D image. Where is the screen, you may ask? The image are projected diractly into the users brain! Howether, all of these advanced controlling electronics require a 666 Volt dirty and nasty Heavy Uranium Nuclear Cells to operate.
The lightning is made by the green, enviormentaly friendly Xonotic-255 <-> CO2 reaction, both of which are made on the spot from thin air, with the whole reaction requiring 0.0042 watt/hours of energy to iniciate. Excsess energy has to be dumped via the plasma radiators in the back.

Ps I want to be able to make that awesome stufff!
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

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