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Black ops 2 PS3 vs PC

Ok so i got a ps3 and pc.
Whats the general experience like?
Whats the best controller? (dualshock or kb+m)
Real hacker rate on pc? (To worry or not to)

Are there (a lot) more players on ps3?

or should i just get natural selection 2?
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Natural Selection II probably has a much less childish playerbase than blops2.

after xmas all the five year olds will be playing blops 2.

Quote:What's the best controller? (dualshock or kb+m)


i can stand kids (for a while)
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Are you serious?

Of course the pc is far superior, but also: BO2 is a piece of shit. It is more or less exactly the same game as the older COD's, only with new maps etc. It is basically just an expansion pack. Graphically nothing has improved whatsoever, and the gameplay feels.exactly the same. It is therefore just absolutely not worth your money, just buy a different game Tongue

I'd recommend BF3 + Aftermath or Far Cry 3 if you want a good fps this christmas. Smile

As for Black Ops 2, if you've got a decent PC, go for the PC version.

PC has less hackers than either of the console versions thanks to dedicated servers and I can honestly say from experience that the PS3 version of the game is virtually unplayable due to some serious input lag which is almost a full second behind you. Don't get me started on how bad the textures look. Not only that, the Call of Duty games pretty much starting with 2 have been pretty dumbed down garbage as far as multiplayer is concerned, though the PC version of 4 did have some redeeming qualities thanks to mods. It should also be noted that your not stuck with keyboard and mouse in the PC version if you don't want them, you can easily use XPadder (which works with virtually everything you can plug into your PC, I actually use my Gamecube controller for Touhou games) to map the controls to any gamepad you want and there's actually profiles made specifically for this game and the Dual Shock 3 and XBox 360 controllers on their forum.

As far as multiplayer alternatives for BLOPS 2 is concerned, I'd recommend Killing Floor (which takes next to nothing to run and goes for cheap), Battlefield 2 complete (a ten year old system can max this) and Battlefield Bad Company 2 (about the same requirements as the CoD games after 4), the Counter Strike (take next to nothing to run) games, and Urban Terror (a fifteen year old system can run it on max, this game is also free). You should be able to grab a handful of what I just listed for the same amount of money you would spend on a single copy of BLOPS 2.

Oh wait.

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