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[SUGGESTION] Expanding the scope of the game to include...


Big Grin

Remember those classic Unreal Tournament Assault games? where the opposition has to smash something in your base and you have to defend?

There is a lot of scope for community maps here.

I remember all the secret tunnels and groups of people flying towards the base with BOT cannons mounted on the towers raining down fire.

It could be done differently like having more than one control point to smash but i think its a good idea to put it in the game.

my appologies if its already in the game, i only play ctf and dm Tongue

There already is an assault game mode. Unfortunately right now the only included map is tech assault. Have a go at this if you'd like. The bots are actually quite good at this mode so its fun as single player.

Trouble is these maps are harder to make than DM or CTF maps and the demand perhaps isn't there in the community for dedicated servers at this point.
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and such maps need also a lot of playtesting
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(12-29-2012, 01:41 PM)Cortez666 Wrote: and such maps need also a lot of playtesting

indeed. Inclusion of the mine layer on techassault made it unplayable.

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