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Voice artists! Show what you can do!

As we'd need new stuff to record (that will be fun!) I'am creating this place for all voice artists to come, say hello and maybe show something they made.

I'am here already - so: hello Smile this is a little piece of stuff I just recorded while seaching the forum (a competition without prizes: which thread is this?):

[AUDIO] (I have the possibility to record with proffesional quality, so no fear, just I don't have the gear right now and I wanted to come up with something... uh... raw)

This thread by the way might deliver great fun for everyone Big Grin
[Image: BSF48.png][Image: HMITP48.png][Image: S48.png][Image: TLT48.png]

Which map are you talking about? Tongue
[Image: 21.png]
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You need to guess Big Grin I can only tell that this is in the Map Releases part of the forum Wink
[Image: BSF48.png][Image: HMITP48.png][Image: S48.png][Image: TLT48.png]

As no one come here with fun stuff - I'am coming with something weird:

SL Session 2 [AUDIO]

Enjoy Big Grin

This is half of hour spent with the Sooper Looper application for linux. Mouth sounds only.

The track was compressed and treated with reverb in Ardour later...
[Image: BSF48.png][Image: HMITP48.png][Image: S48.png][Image: TLT48.png]

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