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[SOLVED] help how to install maps

Not how to install the maps in xonotic please help, I have linux before with the nexuiz I knew how to install the maps but not now help me plese Confused

what do you mean by this?

do you mean installing the maps download from server?
In any case go to your xonotic folder
then data/maps
after that add the desired maps to that folder if you want your dlcache (downloaded maps). find the dl cache and copy the files to /xonotic/data. *not /maps*

EDIT: don't need to create /maps directory my bad
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Sucks at weapons

Don't create data/maps, that's not needed.

kammy, can you edit your post?

EDIT: Alex, if you don't know where your personal data directory is (it's /home/alex/.xonotic/data in linux), just start Xonotic, press shift escape, and in the console that opens type this: which config.cfg

That will tell you where config.cfg is stored, and that's your personal data directory where you should put pk3 files.

I put the maps in the folder but do not see in the map list in game

Try typing "maps" in console... that will display a list of the currently installed maps.
From there type "map x"; x being the name of the map you want to play.

This will start a local game on your pc. Starting a server is different if that's what you're interested in.
[Image: 12766.png]
Sucks at weapons

What are the map's filenames and where exactly did you put them?

EDIT: Kammy, "chmap" is preferred, because it loads more than just the .bsp file (takes mapinfos into account etc). Nevermind, it should be about the same. Don't run 'map' on a server though, it disconnects clients.

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