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[SUGGESTION] Convert LinCityNG maps to play in Xonotic.

Remeber SimCity 2000
Remeber streets of simcity and sim copter where you could drive, fly, and walk around the city you created in 3d?

[Image: streets_of_simcity.jpg]
[Image: citycrisis_screen005.jpg]

LinCityNG is the opensource equivelant to SimCity
[Image: 512px-Lincity-ng-2.0.png]

I downloaded the svn version of lincity yesterday on a hunch.
svn checkout svn:// lincity-ng

and was right.
Every single tile for lincity has a .blend file.
I opened up model after model (/data/models in the svn) and found beautifully modeled powerplants, residential buildings, hospitals, windmills, you name it - it was in 3d. All opensource.

What we could do is: learn the file format.
Then export the blender files to .map using the blender exporter.

Requested Radiant Feature
type in, in radiant surface editor
the texture as
This would allow blender files to be exported with their shadings somewhat intact, rather than being all cauk.

Then I could /happily/ add interiors to the buildings.
Then we could compile all these little bsp files (with pre computed vis and lighting..., and a skybox shader that has an #mapedge or something like that variable set (so the engine knows to remove those brushes when making the 3d lincity map).

Then we could make an interpreter for lincityng maps that converts them to darkplaces viewing/playing/shooting on the fly (stitching together all the little pre-vis 'd and pre-lighted bsps (like coalpoweredplant.bsp etc)

I think each lincity tile shlould be about 1024x1024 quake units. Most buildings are 2 lincity tiles by 2 lincity tyles so they should be 2048x2048 quake units.

Can we do this?

Basically if we do we will beable to play on opensource simcity maps in 3d... walk around, shoot, drive tzork's vehicles... it would be almost like a customizable gta 4.

And yes, I'll do the interiors gladly. I have alot of experiance with making maps for MONTHS _non_stop_. When motivated I do things, and I have alot of free time soon.

(I couldn't get the converter to work properly with my python install, and we need a shade-to texture feature or allow netradiant and darkplaces to directly show shaded colors (hexvalues) rather than needing a seperate texture just for a flat color).

Here, I opened up 2 of the models of lincityng in blender. Every tile has a 3d model.
We can do this. It is possible.

[Image: 386yr3pep0oskfavtc.png]
[Image: 1k9esg3hwqsjgg41gidf.png]

We do need a way to specify a /shade/ on a surface rather than only textures in netradiant and darkplaces though, and then have the blender to map exporter beable to set that, ex "hexcolor/#ffffff" vs "walls/brick4" as the models use shades rather than textures mostly.

I can see a GTA like mod comming... :-)

(05-10-2010, 08:03 AM)Tei Wrote: I can see a GTA like mod comming... :-)

I wish, but it seems like no one's interested.

(05-10-2010, 11:23 AM)Trees Wrote:
(05-10-2010, 08:03 AM)Tei Wrote: I can see a GTA like mod comming... :-)

I wish, but it seems like no one's interested.

I think its a neat idea but I cant really help at present.

Suggestion: Perhaps if you cut each buildings up onto an individual tile it could be used to generate random maps
Hey, want to learn to map? You might want to start here and here!

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