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[SUGGESTION] simple play script (*nix)

I'm playing Xonotic almost every day since I've successfully understood how to compile it from git under debian.
Long story short, it's one of my favorite fps.

Well, I've this nice bash script in my homedir, that automates something.

Just want to share this with you, hope someone likes it and/or wants to improve it in some way Smile

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.txt   play-xonotic.txt (Size: 598 bytes / Downloads: 9)

For SDL + Linux you should add:
Should disable mouse acceleration -> more stable aim.

What is fullup supposed to do? Reset everything? For this, there's ./all clean --reclone, with the advantage that it does not waste your bandwidth (and ours incidentally) by redownloading all the things that you already have.

Thanks guys...

I'll try those options
But.. are they needed during compiling or just while playing?

@Mr. Bougo
Actually i've redownloaded the whole archive a couple of times due to some compiling errors. Can't remenber these errors but doing the process in a new directory fixed the problem.
I didn't know the 'clean --reclone' thing. Script updated :)

Attached Files
.txt   play-xonotic.txt (Size: 388 bytes / Downloads: 1)

Still, reclone seems extremely excessive, it should only be used when everything else fails. The reason for that is that it deletes every unpushed branch that you might have locally, and all untracked files too. Very annoying if you don't expect it to happen.

Usually, ./all clean is the way to go, especially for compile errors where object files need to be cleaned up and the makefile misses them (which was the case with the cl_gecko error that popped up a lot). Ideally, you'd leave that out of your script to encourage fixing it manually. There's no magic, the optimal solution often depends on the problem.

Now that's just my two cents, it's your choice. I'm just making sure that you're aware of why reclone is aggressive and might have unpleasant outcomes.

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