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LOVERS Street Gang now online

All right, some of you may have noticed a bunch of weirdos hijacking the duel ranks, who have been multiplying at an alarming speed during these recent few months. Yes, that would be us and sorry we don't have plans for returning it. Just like 90% of the existing clans in Xonotic, our heer of hitscan machines focuses their gameplay towards Instagib, because it's the only place where players of our caliber can ejaculate adequately. If you want to wear our sex radiating Lover tag and join our dazzling ranks, you need to be able to beat me in Instagib 1on1 at least once. Being accused of aimbotting on a regular basis counts for a qualification as well. We take Instagib very seriously and we represent the highest level precision accuracy of whatever is left of the arena shooter scene today.

Current members:

[Image: fi.gif] Smilecythe
[Image: de.gif] Nimbuz
[Image: de.gif] Islinn
[Image: de.gif] Solid
[Image: 112.gif] Dekry


[Image: fi.gif] Nivusiin
[Image: de.gif] XXX
[Image: de.gif] Age

Come confess your love to us at IRC quakenet #Lover.

And listen to this cool song:

Lovers best clan xonotic !
love you lovers
smile <3 xD

well - sometimes I feel like a little child from elementary school whose playground is hijacked by the ruffians of the grammar school Tongue

nono - seriously - I very pleased you like my server and feel comfortable there ...
Hope you have fun and good luck with your street gang in future ... Big Grin

So - frag on boys ....

GreetZ Su

btw - wasn.t there a new irc channel for you rude boys?

Oh yes sunshine, we do have a channel, see you at #Lover

Big heils for our new gang member, formerly called MrAge. As senile and wonky his handle may sound like he is known from his short temper and banging people's teeth out with his rusty metal pipe. Some survivors from his old neighborhood testified that he has a door mat made of bones and flesh of people who used to give him 'the look'. Keep your eyes open while walking in the streets, this thug speaks of rage. There's rage even in his name and we should assume it's on purpose.

A bag of heils for a new hitscan master coming from the team fortress land, may I present to you mr. Solid. His aim is very solid and so is his bulging crotch in presence of violence, keep your eyes open. If you see him he will rip your guts out and make a hat out of it, as that is the way in team fortress land.

A sonicboom of applause for our new vortex whore Islinn, born in the slums of instagib and adopted by the vanilla community. Never make funny of the way he talks. He sounds weird because his mouth is full of calluses that he got from eating all of his victims alive, roasted on a bonfire with his vortex stuck deep in where even the lightmaps don't shine. His weapon of choice is physical humiliation and his hairstyle takes after his idol, Donald Trump.

A perfect fit for clan Lover Big Grin
[Image: 38443.png]

Congrats! Lulz at the Donald Trump hair.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

Thanks for the warm welcome, Smile Smile
[Image: 9214.png]

Bottoms up for our new democratically chosen loverboy Dekry, who hails from the barren grounds of defrag community. Not much is known of this fella, but it is recommended that you start your strafe engines the instant you hear Bumer's Moskva Magadan and run at over 1600 qu/s at the very least. If he catches you, he will grope your privates 10 years ago and hack your president elections. Fortunately you don't have to run much faster than that because Dekry's ping isn't always quite top notch, but he does what he can with what little connection is provided to Putin's dog huts.

Thanks for the hacking Dekry. I don't think I could have lived with Hillary as prez. I owe you and Putin a manly bear hug. 

[Image: donald-trump-two-thumbs-up-728x485.jpg]
[Image: 38443.png]

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