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Text right to left (xonotic menu)

Currently I'm translating Xonotic to Arabic, which is written from right to left.
I was wondering if there is an instruction to do so.
something like: "prvm_language ar; menu_start", which is used to charge a specific "po" file (Arabic here).

Thank you for your replies. Smile

How are you translating it? You're using, are you not?

Anyway, once you have the .ar.po files in your data directory, you can indeed run the command
prvm_language ar; menu_restart
and it should be using your translation.

I have no idea whether we support RTL scripts though... Can you test and tell me how well that works?

Quote:How are you translating it?
I'm using "Virtaal" to translate the "po" file.

Quote:I have no idea whether we support RTL scripts though... Can you test and tell me how well that works?
No, it doesn't, the script is written from left to right.
For example the string "Text language:" in Arabic is supposed to be like this: "لغة النص" but instead it's like this: "ص ن ل ا ة غ ل".

Okay, thank you. Supporting RTL scripts is not very easy unfortunately, that would be a lot of trouble. Not to mention that arabic is a complex script.

I'll make a feature request, but I don't think we'll see this implemented any time soon.

EDIT: Here it is:

I'm sorry about this Sad

Thank you for your reply Smile

Quote:Some CTL implementations do not encapsulate information about specific scripts. In these implementations, the script-specific CTL information resides within the font files.
I tried to use another font other than xolonium (I used kacstone), the font changed but the problem remains.

Quote:I'm sorry about this
No problem Big Grin

As I feared, divVerent isn't too thrilled about this feature request. See the update in the tracker item, .

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