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[SOLVED] Installation tips please ?

Hi, just found out about Xonotic and would like to give it a try but having trouble finding installation info so thought it best to see if there is a 'how-to' guide for doing it right.
Normally I find the necessary info on the web or in the downloaded file but can't see anything obvious and a couple of searches on this forum showed up nothing either.

I am using Linux Mint 14 with KDE so thought it best to ask instead of stumbling along blindly in the dark and ending up very frutrated with a headache before giving up (that's what usually happens).

Any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers ! Big Grin

Simply open up the downloaded zip in ark (or even in dolphin if you set it up that way), and extract it to wherever you'd like to.
You can run the game with or It's just two different ways for the game engine to reach your hardware, if you experience some odd input or sound lag, try the other one, and hopefully it solves your issue. I personally prefer the glx executable, as it supports multiple monitors better (though SDL might bit a run faster, never cared enough to test).

Once you ran the game, all your configuration, saved screenshots, recorded demos etc. will be put under:


It's a hidden folder, notice the . !

That's all, have fun playing! Smile
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That sounds way too simple for an installation but I'll give it a whirl and see how I get on.

Thanks for the response !

I'm obviously missing a step, it reports " command not found"

if you run from console, this will only work if you put a link to your binaries folder (something like /usr/bin or so).

I extracted it to /home/halogene/Xonotic, so I can start it with changing to the directory by doing "cd /home/halogene/Xonotic" or simply "cd Xonotic" if I'm already in /home/halogene. Then you need to do "./", the "./" tells linux NOT to search in the relevant binary directories configured for the system but in the folder where you currently are. Of course it is best to use the auto-completion of the console by pressing <TAB> to make sure the file actually exists in that folder - in my autobuild version the correct file is "xonotic-linux64-sdl" or "xonotic-linux64-glx".

If you want to set up an entry in your KDE menu, I can help you with that too.

Edit: what the heck, I'll describe that right away:
+ right click on your launcher (usually the icon bottom left), select "Edit Applications...",
+ choose the folder where the icon should go
+ click on "New Item"
+ Enter the name "Xonotic"
+ Enter the path for the command to run (for me it's /home/halogene/Xonotic/xonotic-linux64-sdl)
+ Select an Icon for it by clicking on the empty icon field and then go to "other icons" and select it from <Xonotic-folder>/misc/logos/xonotic_icon.svg
+ go to "Advanced" tab and give the command the working directory (for me it's /home/halogene/Xonotic)
+ click on "save"

Note that when I tested this on Ubuntu while running the 64bit version I needed to downgrade my libjpeg for this by doing "sudo apt-get install libjpeg62-dev", removing the version 8 currently installed. On Arch linux, this was not a problem for me somehow.
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Thanks for the tips Halogene !

Basically it doesen't need any installation and will run from file if you know which file to click on, I have not come across this before so that's what was confusing me.

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