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Picture the face

Picture the face, lets see the mug shots.

Yes thats a tattoo on my face. Need to go and get it retouched up as it easier to start light then go darker vs the other way around Tongue

Hmm image links don't work so had to attach it.

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[MoFo] Servers - North America - Hosted in Montreal Canada - Admin DeadDred [MoFo]

You look good.

The tattoo might have looked better on your cheek though.

I support this thread.

Does it have any message, or just for teh lulz and badassery?

[Image: tattoo.png]

[Image: 561.png]
"One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret."

Nice tattoo!

So I was at Spinda's house playing some Xonotic on his computer. While I was dueling thimo (the d00l m4st3r k1ng 0f th3 galaxy-w0rld) he fragged me with 1 second left to take the lead... So Spinda took a picture of me right after the frag happened. Please don't laugh at me Sad

[Image: 4IEWk.png]
[Image: 237.png]

Lol, you're like lieutenant Chakotay from Star Trek Voyager

[Image: 250px-Chakotay.jpg]

Lol He is my hero. Which reminds me its time to start rewatching start trek again. Finished all the shows about a year ago so been long enough.
[MoFo] Servers - North America - Hosted in Montreal Canada - Admin DeadDred [MoFo]

That picture is nice meme material.
erebus minstanex erebus Angel

Yeah. Right....

Ahh, welll...
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

(01-29-2014, 03:15 AM)Pendulla Wrote: That picture is nice meme material.

If it turns to meme he knows which community to blame

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