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Our poor ponies needed a home, so here it is.
This map is loosely inspired to the capital of Equestria, it actually looks like some generic fortified medieval town with a bunch of twisty little passages.
It's my first map so it's kind of an experiment.


  • Tweaked Lighting
  • Added Realtime Lights
  • Added support for ctf and dom gametypes
  • Expanded some areas

  • Added waypoints
  • Texture fixes
  • Added more game types

  • Fixed some texture bugs
  • Tweaked teleporters and jump pads
  • Higher sky
  • Clipped some building edges
  • Added an underground passage
  • Fixed some caulked textures
  • Added armor at the end of the waterfall
  • Added some rooms inside the large red building
  • Cleaned a bit patch meshes in the park
  • First release


I like it. Something different from the other maps. Teleporters are still a bit confusing, but I can learn them. Here's a little glitch I found:

[Image: t5oqluid.jpg]

Performance is also quite good, I hope this map makes it on the servers.
[Image: 2405.png]

(10-08-2013, 04:34 PM)Micha Wrote: Performance is also quite good, I hope this map makes it on the servers.
I've uploaded it to the GNUGeneration freezetag server.

(10-08-2013, 04:34 PM)Micha Wrote: Here's a little glitch I found:

[Image: t5oqluid.jpg]

I forgot to test it with reflections disabled, fixing that issue will be easy.

I fixed that issue and made some other changes (see first post for changelog)

it's great to see some not-that-serious maps are being made too!
Fun map to jump around.

little suggestion - you can playerclip those roof edges so you wouldn't bump into them when lasering up the walls:
[Image: 93XLmqll.jpg]
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Nice job!

It's nice to see some mlp maps here finally, I've tried making a few myself, but my lack of skill with radiant makes me spam brushes everywhere they don't belong and making horribly bad performing maps Sad

At least I know who will be making those for us Tongue
[Image: 12766.png]
Sucks at weapons

Just add KH, CA, TDM to mapinfo! )

(10-12-2013, 09:36 AM)Mirio Wrote: Just add KH, CA, TDM to mapinfo! )
I thought those would need team spawn points. Apparently they don't.

I've updated the map: now it has some more areas accessible to players and I've added support for domination and ctf.

Looks Cool. JIt.
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

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