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How to fast swtich weapons

I see some DM and TDM videos that, skilled players always frequently switch weapons to compensate for the slow reloading time for RL or grenade launcher. The question is, how do they manage to do that, considering that the number keys are far away from the ASDW movement keys? Do they remap there key setting? But it's impossible to remap all weapons close to ASDW movement keys. Or is there a hotkey for fast switch, like TAB in HALO PC?

Have a look at this currently active thread where people talk about their keybinds: Good Keybind setup for weapon switching?

They likely put a key bind for each weapon around their movement keys.

Someone else asked for exactly these config tips few days ago here. Maybe you can find some inspiration.

You can also use the mouse wheel for switching, but that might be not 100% accurate if you use it for all weapons. Tongue
Although if you put for example Nex and Rocket Launcher at the mousewheel you should do alright already.

Now that someone mentions autoswitch, it would be nice to just be able to press 'q' and have the game read my mind/the current game and pick the best weapon for each situation accordingly Big Grin
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Sucks at weapons

I played some quake2 for couple of days and noticed that in nquake2 you can bind a couple of weapons to same key. eg. press q to switch rl than mortar and so on. Is it possible in xonotic to do that?I amu bad when having much binds especially if they are at the left side of my movement keys. If it is possible than it would be awesome for me.
erebus minstanex erebus Angel

It's already the case with certain weapons by default.
Nex, MinstaNex, Rifle being on 7 by default, Mortar and MineLayer on 4 .. and so on.

Yep, this is totally possible. It's called weapon priority lists.

Have a look at the list of cvars given by
cvarlist cl_weaponpriority*
This tells you what commands to use to cycle through them. You can then for example bind a key to impulse 227 to have that key cycle through the 7th list.

Thnx I'll try it.
erebus minstanex erebus Angel

Haha glad to see a "weapon priority" setting, similar to UT. Fast switch is definitely part of the game now, as well as aiming, movement and map mastery

I feel posting my weapon binds might come in handy for some people, so here you go:

//// weapon list
cl_weaponpriority0 "laser"
cl_weaponpriority1 "uzi shotgun"
cl_weaponpriority2 "crylink electro hlac"
cl_weaponpriority3 "rocketlauncher hagar"
cl_weaponpriority4 "minstanex nex rifle"
cl_weaponpriority5 "grenadelauncher minelayer"
cl_weaponpriority6 "fireball seeker"
cl_weaponpriority7 "porto hook"

//// binds!
bind 0 "impulse 220"
bind 1 "impulse 221"
bind 2 "impulse 222"
bind 3 "impulse 223"
bind 4 "impulse 224"
bind 5 "impulse 225"
bind 6 "impulse 226"
bind 7 "impulse 227"
bind 8 "// not bound"
bind 9 "// not bound"

// Impulse map:
//    220-229: Weapon groups
//    230: Laser
//    231: Shotgun
//    232: Machine Gun
//    233: Mortar
//    234: Mine Layer
//    235: Electro
//    236: Crylink
//    237: Nex
//    238: Hagar
//    239: Rocket Launcher
//    240: Port-O-Launch
//    241: Minsta Nex
//    242: Grappling Hook
//    243: Heavy Laser Assault Cannon
//    244: @!#%'n Tuba
//    245: Rifle
//    246: Fireball
//    247: T.A.G. Seeker

I also use two switch binds for laser (laser <-> last weapon) and last used weapon (current <-> last) which excludes the laser. That was done using the tutorial posted by BlaXpirit somewhere in this forum, I don't have the link anymore though. Feel free to PM me if you want to see how it's done! Smile
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IRC: #uc.xonotic #xonotic #xonotic.pickup

I figured it out, it is easy when you find out what to do, but it is kinda "hidden". It is in advanced settings, the command is what Mr.Bougo said. You can find an empty weapon priority entry and write whatever you want of weapons to cycle. Then you just need to bind the correct impulse number command. Impulses are shown in the cvar description. These things should be available through normal menu so ppl could do it easily.
erebus minstanex erebus Angel

Yes, in the next xonotic release (0.8?) we would like to see a key-binding option, which allows us to bind multiple weapons to a single key, and set priorities.

And we can learn for serious sam 3 that press q and switch back to the last used weapon.

zwz, bind a key to weapprev.

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