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key bindings to rotate weapons after shooting?

Seems to be a loophole in the coding...

if you are shooting weapon X.. you shoot.. wait.. then shoot again.

But if you shoot weapon X then switch to Y you can shoot again right away... I've spectated some folks doing this and it seems to give a big advantage...

wondering if there is a macro that would toggle between bestweapon and nextbestweapon... so you are always shooting with your preferred 2 weapons

and/or I'd be more than happy to see the loophole closed Smile Just trying not to be at a disadvantage....

This advantage is intended, there is even a name for quickly switching weapons: it's called "using weapon combos". Weapon combos are an integral part of the gameplay, and choosing the RIGHT weapon combo for every different situation is one of the challenges of the gameplay.

This is also why it is recommended to set up proper weapon binds around the movement keys or whereever comfortable, though I've even seen impressive weapon comboing by using the mousewheel (still don't get how you do that so effectively, Mirio).
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It's called weapon combos and your supposed to be able to do that, it's an intended gameplay aspect as is bunnyhopping, skiing, strafe jumping, weapon boosting, and splash damage wall penetration (explosions, etc do damage through walls/ceilings). Some people bind the weapon keys to ones near their movement keys, others just cycle freakishly fast through them, and others (myself in particular) modify the weapon preferences so that good combo weapons (like the mortar and nex) are near one another in the weapon rotation.

Oh wait.

Ok, so would anyone be willing to share some examples of the macros?

I've tried things like


but I find myself stuck with something that often won't shoot... it just keeps switching...

I think the goal is to skip the less prefered weapons.

and/or can you do a conditional "if I'm using weapon X now switch to weapon Y" ? ie. how do you handle the switching when you don't always have the same weapons in inventory?

I don't think you will find 'macros' for that. At least nothing that would give you any sort of competitive edge. Sure, we could invent some. But that would only be because of how crap (and thus funny) the end result would be.

I don't think you can ever automate a proces like weapon combo-ing using a script to rival any sort of real player skill. I think you'd be better off to just practice some more. Smile

Or invent yourself an aimbot.
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Agree to PinkRobot, using macros for weapon combos is not really feasible. It depends on the particular situation which combo is best, for example an offensive, often used combo is Nex -> Mortar, but this is tricky for example on Xoylent at the jump pad if you're standing down there and your enemy hops onto the jump pad, there you'd better use Nex -> Rocket Launcher or Nex -> MG, as hitting flying targets with mortar is an art of its own.

I'd strongly recommend to set up weapon binds at convenient places, for example I shifted my movement layout one to the right so I use ESDF for moving and have space for like 8 to 9 keys which I can very easily access without being in any way encumbered in movement. That way I can quickly change to any weapon I like, even inmidst of a hectic fight. It might take some time to get used to it, but if you set it up once, the learning curve is pretty steep. After a while, you'll be switching weapons without really thinking about it, it becomes more of a reflex that makes you switch even when you don't see an enemy just because you're moving from an open area to a more closed one for example. Also weapon binds enable you to directly access any weapon from anywhere, no need to cycle through any weapons. Which also relieves you from needing to drop weapons you dislike if you picked them up accidentally (saw that on Downer with HLAC once), as you won't be cycling over them :o)

If you would like to test it, I can provide you with my weapon bind setup, though this is just my personal preference and has not been proved to be of particular value in any way, and I'm not a pro player too (I even dropped out of the Duel Tourney before Bracket Stage Cool )
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Seeing this thread makes me wonder if it's possible to bind specific weapons/fire modes to a single key. For example: 2 = shotgun primary fire and 8 = hagar secondary. Would be a pain to do, but if someone managed to get a mouse with 20+ buttons on it, it would certainly be interesting if they got coordinated enough to use those binds.

Oh wait.

As mentioned this is a game-play feature, each gun has its individual refire timer. The idea is to promote using more then one weapon. I would strongly suggest you get used to "doing it manually " instead of trying to automate it. What weapons makes most sense in what situation is very variable, and also very much personal preference. Another thing to keep in mind is that sometimes you dont want to combo. And of course if it is possible to automate it to greater effect then manual play, we will have to consider ways to stop such automation. The core of the game is after all abt players pitting their skill against each other, not their scripts against each other.

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