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Deathmatch movie


After some works I just uploaded video to get a short preview of Xonotic. It is made from extracts of two online deathmatches as it could be played by regular players and showing some variety of action/weapons.

Not that kind of superawsome fragging and fine tuned footage, just some part of the game for - I hope - give someone the will to give it a try. This is related to my project of local LAN parties (see to put the video on a QR-code, website and so turn out a "What the heck is that game? Never heard of it" to a "Wow, let's try it!"

So here it is

I know, I don't know how to aim Big Grin

That said, the video is not public yet, I'm waiting on your feedbacks on description, tags, timing or such things before releasing it.

9 seconds in, you spelt Deathmatch wrong. Tongue

Also, while I'm not against left handed players, I would keep the weapon on the right hand side to not confuse newbies.

I think the video could be more exciting tbh, some good frags are needed to make the game look awesome (and better aim tbh), maybe add more weapon comboing and using power-ups or trick jumps too (sorry if there was some of that, I didn't watch the whole video)?

Apart from that, the quality is good and for basic footage, it ain't bad.

There needs to be more RAW Xonotic footage, good job on that Smile
My favourite map soundtrack btw. I will upload some RAW matches soon, too Smile

The biggest mistakes are the hardest to spot Big Grin

I updated the video with a correct spelling with a note about hud and left-handed (and fixed timing for 3-2-1 begin!). I also added a link in the description for Killing X Zone for some impressive gameplay.

The first version had a few laser jumps but the surrounding wasn't interesting. There isn't much tricks at the end. My question is: won't showing more of them make the game look too technical for enjoyment? I mean the game IS very technical but still playable without being an expert (though, can someone not knowing Xonotic understand what everything is happening?). The idea behind the link to Killing X Zone is (appart that is doesn't require much work) now that you have seen what Xonotic looks like and you can do the same within an hour, see how it is after monthes of play.

I still agree with accuracy, I have to play more Rolleyes . If at least some of the Nex shots were splatting gibs everywhere… I thought about rerecording the video with standard hud and right-handed but I'm too lazy for it (and switching weapon side don't affect recorded games)

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