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Questions about moovie making.

I wanted to know if Xonotic allows you to perform certain functions while watching demo.
If you can skip the demo and just look at the frag
If it's possible skip the demo up to a certain point.
If it's possible slow down the speed of the demo.
What is Timedemo''''?
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There is a config I think that contains shortcuts for demo fast forward and so on (something along the lines of "demoseeking.cfg" or so). But you can also use the "slowmo" command in console for accelerating or slowing down demo playback. If I know I want to go to minute 18 of a demo, I just set slowmo to a high value (like 20, for example), and the demo plays back with 20 times normal speed. Just when it gets near the time that I want to look at I set it back to 1 or lower. For slowing playback time down you can go below 1, so "slowmo 0.5" will play back the demo at half speed.

To entirely pause playback in order to be able to move camera freely, use "pausedemo". To start playback again, just issue the command a second time.

To get a free camera (in case you didn't know), you can do "camera_enable 1", "camera_free 1" - and you'll be moving around the demo as if you were a spectator. Note however that this will not enable you to see players that are beyond your player's field of view, as items' and players' positions don't get sent to your client by the server if the server determines you can't see them anyway. So don't wonder about items/players not being displayed when flying through a map with the free camera in a demo.
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I tried to bind some commands, but it work only with ''pausedemo'' .
How to bind commands like ''camera_enable 1'' or ''slowmo 0.5'' ?

does not matter, I discovered )
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Have a look at my demo recording configuration. That may help you with some other issues you might encounter.
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I can't undestand one thing. Where is input_demoseeking.cfg ?
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You can find that file here. That's from git master, though it hasn't changed much in a while.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

In the input controls section there's those empty "userbind" slots, you can edit whatever they do (for instance camera_enable 1) and assign any key for them. Slowmo 0 works as pause as well.

Since no one else has mentioned it. Timedemo basically rushes through a demo file at super-saiyan speeds and once it has finished it'll output the average, lowest and highest frame rate into console. So basically it's for benchmarking.

Now the thing that is missing is the possibility to search directly frag, skiping the demo.
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