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[NEEDS INFO] strange hook lag when connecting from special network

Hi all

I've got a very strange problem: my hook lags when connecting from some networks

yes: only the hook

yes: only from certain networks
when connecting from home (DSL, Swisscom AS3303) everything works perfectly

when connecting from office (gigabit ethernet connected to a switch, connect through fiber to one of the borderrouters of AS29691) I'm experiencing lags with the hook. nothing in the networks even thinks about filtering my traffic, no problem here... so what is it? why only the hook?

i tried both 0.7 and git client on debian jessie

this happens with all servers with hook enabled which i tested:
DieTunichtguten(0.6), SMB (git), (0.7)...

i searched for it but "hook" brings up loots of stuff..

ideas what it is and how to fix it?

Seems more likely to be related to the computer at your office then the hook tbh; last time i checked the hook did nothing out of the ordinary compared to anything else (network-wise). Could you record a demo of what's happening, post a bug report here: and attach said demo to it? That would help the developers track down what may be happening.

I'm using the same laptop at home and at work Big Grin

I will post the bug report tomorrow

Oh, thats weird indeed then. Are sure you don't have packet loss or latency spikes at work?

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