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I wrote a review

So I wrote a review about Xonotic here: and yeah. It's just my opinion. I guess.

Thanks for you review.
I would like to point out that this case
Quote:Most weapon's have a secondary fire that shoots a red explosive which launches you up in the air when aimed at the ground (pretty much rocket jumps), allowing you to be able to make higher jumps.

is only valid for the Overkill and InstaGib mod.
In the regular gameplay (so-called "Vanilla") you spawn with the Blaster (pre 0.8 name: Laser) and the Shotgun. The Blaster shots these "red explosive" things and is indeed supposed to be like a small version of a rocket jump. Smile It's called "laser jumping", due to the old weapon name, and is part of Halogene's Newbie Corner as well.

As for the "auto-aim" of the Rocket Launcher (Devastator): This is actually a feature. If you hold the button for primary fire and move your mouse you will be able to guide the rocket! (Secondary fire mode detonates it btw)
So yeah, versus skilled players it might actually feel like it's seeking you.

I see, Sorry for the misinformation. I must admit that Instagib is the only thing that I have been playing for a while. Thanks for the correction. I'll update my OP.

Quote:Though my opinion remains it's a slightly overpowered feature.
I completely agree that the detonation makes rockets slightly too easy to use, but the guiding itself actually takes some experience and how you hit with it depends a lot on how good the target is with movement.

Quote:I tried playing this a while back. Absolutely no populated servers every time I tried. Sad though, because it's a pretty decent looking arena shooter. In the end I just went back to Quake 3. :|
You might want to advice people to use IRC quakenet channels like #Xonotic.pickup to finding players, some of the games are actually played on private servers which aren't shown on the server list. This is the best way to organize balanced matches in Xonotic at the moment.

Also, I'm not entirely sure how he could find games on Quake3, it should be even deader, harder to get access to and get configurated properly.

cool review!
[Image: 38443.png]

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