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[SOLVED] end of game music

I remember there was this one server, whenever the game ended and players were shown the scoreboard, and were voting for the next game options, I would heard that Rickrolling song.

I think it's a nice way for servers to build character with specific music track. Or. I'm actually thinking putting a little bit of audio announcement (for example, advertisement for Friday Fragging, or Duel Cup) there.

So, how to configure the server to do that?

Right now, it seems during the scoreboard showing and voting screens, the track from the last map just keeps playing.

The Rick Roll menu track was a joke for April fools.

Actual function is sv_intermission_cdtrack.
Advertising Friday Fragging isn't a bad idea there, actually (assuming someone wants to make the voice clip for it).
[Image: 230.png]

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