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[SOLVED] Source Code Xonotic on Ubuntu 15.04

So, today. I talked on a server with 4 devs, and one gave me the link to the source code.
I downloaded the source code (as a zip) from
I extracted the file to my desktop, and tried to run the game to test it.
I have made no modifications to the source code.
I go into the terminal, cd to the directory, and try to execute the xonotic-glx .sh file.
Here's is my terminal log as follows.

god@Ryan-PC:~$ cd Desktop/xonotic-master-08f0ef07ea5d58525ac59ad405598e88713f955c/
god@Ryan-PC:~/Desktop/xonotic-master-08f0ef07ea5d58525ac59ad405598e88713f955c$ ./
./ 131: exec: ./xonotic-linux64-glx: not found

Apparently, it can't find the sh file.
Help would be appreciated.
-Ryan Tongue

Hi Ryan,
The "not found" you're seeing is the engine as it hasn't been compiled in the barebones zip you downloaded
The recommended way to checkout the source is with git. There's a guide here:
[Image: 38483.png]

I run Linux mint 17.2 Cinnamon 16 bit/Ubuntu the command I use is ~/Xonotic/xonotic-linux64-glx -basedir ~/Xonotic

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