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Poll: (NOTE: TRY IT BEFORE VOTING) Would you play with this feature (bob rolling to simulate "steps" when walking) enabled?
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Bob-rolling effect (feature review)

I would love to see this feature implemented in Xonotic as long as users have the option to enable/disable it. Personally, I love the vertical bobbing, but the bobbing that makes the camera tilt from one side to another makes me a tad nauseous. Smile

i still dont like it because the crosshair is moved relativley to the world. hitting a distant target with the hax is not possible now while walking.

....hitting a distant target is not possible with any type of view bobbing, except for the tilting camera which is extremely unnatural.... even the idea from the video i posted (bobbing around the point the crosshair is pointing at) if there is no wall behind the target. i am against any type of view bobbing.

Well, not everyone will be using it of course, and it depends on how everyone handles shooting with the new bobbing. I have no problem with that myself, and can't wait to use this when I'll be going online Smile It also doesn't change anything at all if you don't enable the cvar.
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