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Poll: Do we want this map in official Xonotic releases?
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Red Planet v1r1

I voted with no because the particle effects kill to much performance and the door should go into a single player map.

that are bugs which should of coure be fixed before this map goes official.... but voting no because of two bugs, come on....

i voted no because of the performance issues and the stupid doors not about any bugs

Agree with cortez, but still voted yes. Layout could possibly be improved further, I'm finding the current one quite "linear".
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The doors are fine by me. The performance issues indeed need fixing, and will get fixed (and if it means that the sand particle effect has to go, and the steam particle effect gets reduced a lot).

But does not mean the map can't be merged into master at its current state. Especially as the particle effects can likely be fixed by just editing that effectinfo file, without making a new version of the .map.
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well if this is the case, once the map is fully optimised then the ctf version can be made. Also, I would really like to see sparks effects (like when nex hits objects) coming from broken wires. As far as preventing linear gameplay, a broken floor from the teleporter area could drop down into the underground rl area. I will get back to work on this level once I have done what i can to glowarena. In the meantime anyone elses help would be great, esp those spark effects! Smile
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red-planet now supports ctf! Smile Using the same map file, red-planet can be played in dm and ctf modes, depending on game mode. (As of yep the .mapfile needs to be updated to include ctf)

List of major changes
- Supports ctf with textures changing depending on game mode (uses gametypefilter and func_wall)
- large _skybox giving terrain detail
- most 'sticking points' removed especially at doors, also using func_clientillusionary on any small details
- many details added
- many bug fixes

[Image: ih1krdqhv49tkz2uf0kx_thumb.jpg][Image: em7r19n897vn1dk0in0_thumb.jpg][Image: csdbgrxzharlqh49gv6w_thumb.jpg][Image: wel9dbnjivbi8q7ta21q_thumb.jpg][Image: ltssqlia47dlw9pn4ymh_thumb.jpg][Image: b4l58bfekl534oizz0ar_thumb.jpg][Image: fzar4djrj7y0okqdwqko_thumb.jpg][Image: 7jc6s6ox5z5xoq1kqy0f_thumb.jpg]

What is left to be done
- .rlights file needs updating to include blue base
- most entities in blue base need to be reverse (doors, teleportes ect)
- some brush fixes which uses gametypeflters to stop players entering the blue base in dm mode
- onslaught functionality
- would like a combined terrain texture in terrain01x that uses rock01 and sand04 (sand04 is the best looking imo)
- more quite door sound (really needed)
- more sounds

Please leave any feedback, and report unmentioned bugs accordingly

There's nothing better than getting off you butt and contributing to a community. There is no excuse when it comes to computers. Spend a little of you playing time, giving back Smile

i really like the tune on this , that zzzz tune , made by sum chicken

well done mr chooky!


some remarks:

imo the new texture visible in screenshot 2 does not fit. it looks too stone-like.
the shadows of the fans are way too big. the light source would have to be a few cm above the fan, but it is 2m above.

the layout became quite confusing. i often can't find the direct way to the part between the two bases. i also sometimes find myself in the upper part (where the camping rifle and the two glass-ways..... are) and don't knwo how i got there or how i can go back. the problem is that there are 1. too many rooms, 2. some rooms with 4 doors and you (or i) have no clue which one leads where and 3 there are multiple similar-looking rooms like the two rooms with the fans or the two rooms leading to the open part between the bases (they have different length, but still)

and of course it still has performance problems Smile (the seecond camera does not make the map look better imo. the broken screen was a good idea, but it needed more detail) i mostly get 20-30 fps. but on the other hand its visually best map atm.

Fixed all remaining issues with the map today, and also added onslaught support. The map file is the same, and uses gametype-based entity filtering to have a team version and non-team version. All brushes should be good and there are no more issues I'm aware of. More changes will likely be done in time, of course (such as adding small differences in the mirrored base, so it's not exactly the same as the other one). But probably later on.


Current bugs in latest autobuild

-revert storage doors in upper airlock chambers to the rest of the level
[Image: mn7l0ag1a1bwokl4qxuc_thumb.jpg]

-texture required on pipeline of _skybox
[Image: aeq68u1jt321u87cgyz_thumb.jpg]

-door sound file errors. and closing door sound is not played? I think they also need to be quicker. with the front of the sound deleted so they play straight away.
[Image: ihqj0lk9ev6ikb3zpjbs_thumb.jpg]

-dont know if these shadows can be fixed with the gamefilters turning off the models
[Image: r223kkwltsf1jrpyifs7_thumb.jpg]

-Better looking blended sand texture not being used (uses sand04 as ground, not ground01)? Also needs to be rotated 90 degrees. Texture and updated shader in here Smile
[Image: l6zy4zdcwa2c519ox1g9_thumb.jpg]

-Sticking points in airlock doors need to be addressed. You can use clip brushes left in my .map file in the ompload
[Image: fo3swwgbg8pgqzi64ia5_thumb.jpg]
[Image: gdxxnaefn6exm5g1ox4m_thumb.jpg]

-Maybe not necessary but a patch the size of the great either side of the outdoor area for visual balance reasons. Also gametypefilter wall coloring.
[Image: 4mquumnd4kcvprctfp_thumb.jpg]

-camera_4 still needs fixing. The correct angle is 25 233.000000 0
[Image: oewxrtdfv7oqphjqv96_thumb.jpg]

-Maybe new reflective glasses depending on game mode?
[Image: s4vbmue1r4ae77qtch9x_thumb.jpg]

-Lastly in the blue base there are gametypefilers turning on and off depending on game mode when there doesn't need to be.

What ever you don't address i will once I know your finished with it, to avoid any more work being lost. Just keep in mind its always hard for me to do something if I have to commit things like textures and sounds.
There's nothing better than getting off you butt and contributing to a community. There is no excuse when it comes to computers. Spend a little of you playing time, giving back Smile

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