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[CTF] Classic

I'ts a simple ctf map. The map is better than my first map but it's still not a masterpiece Blush.
New Link
[Image: iFGHdXN.jpg]
[Image: SfnLMF0.jpg]
[Image: mHQIidj.jpg]
I like Bread Smile

Hi Brot,

Nice work! You improved a lot since your first map Smile
The map layout is simple and it should work good for 1v1 or 2v2CTF games.
Having a vortex in such a small map will be very challenging :p

A few technical issues though:

- When you load the map, there's a warning in console about a spawnpoint inside a brush (it means you won't be able to spawn here!). It's that one:
[Image: Capture%20du%202016-03-12%2016-55-14.png]

- Please use the caulk texture, it will improve the map performance! Big Grin
[Image: Capture%20d%27%C3%A9cran%20de%202016-03-...-42-41.png]
You should put caulk on every surface that the players can't see, especially the surfaces "outside" of the map (screenshot above) and the surfaces at the intersection of 2 brushes, like these ones:
[Image: Capture%20du%202016-03-12%2017-06-30.png]

To avoid "caulking" everything manually, you can check these 2 options in NetRadiant preferences:
[Image: Capture%20du%202016-03-12%2016-47-09.png]
[Image: Capture%20du%202016-03-12%2016-48-02.png]

With these options, every new brush you create will be covered with caulk, and every time you use the clipping tool, the new surfaces you create will be caulked too.

- You can also make use of detail brushes (select the brushes then press Ctrl+M).
The lamps, the ramps and maybe even the bridges should be detail brushes. If a brush isn't essential to the geometry of the map, make it detail, that way your map will compile faster and will perform better in-game.
See this tutorial for more information:

Keep up the good work and have fun with mapping! Smile

Thanks for the Answer,
I've just uploaded a new version with caulk textures and fixed spawnpoint Smile.
I like Bread Smile

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