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Six degrees of freedom: Sol-Contingency releases Proving Grounds multiplayer demo

Good news everyone! Like already mentioned before, a team of 6DOF-FPS gamers is working on a game that puts vertigo-inducing gameplay known from classics as Descent or Forsaken onto a modern engine. They have now released their multiplayer demo "Proving Grounds" for free (as in beer), which is intended to put a heavy boot onto a kickstarter campaign for the full game that has yet to be announced.

The guys involved have earned my full respect for remaining dedicated to their project despite various obstacles put into their path, while at the same time their enthusiasm for 6DOF gameplay has made them keep up a friendly, open and supportive mind for other, partially even commercially backed projects that directly compete with Sol Contingency.

Proving Grounds currently runs exclusively on Windows (which has forced me to go through hours of installing half a year's updates for Windows on some deserted partition). It is based on UDK, but behind the scenes the game is already being ported to UE4 for the full release.

I only managed to have a short look at the game so far and will have to try out the multiplayer once I find some time, but from what I experienced when having a first fly-through alone in a mine, I have to say I'm totally amazed and am sure it will flabbergast anyone that remembers fighting against robots gone berserk in mines in the 90s.

Here's how it looks:

Find more images on the Gallery or download the game directly here. For joining multiplayer games you will for the time being have to resort to checking the public servers manually or play the game via steam (though I am uncertain as to whether this actually works already, I don't use steam).

I think this game deserves some resonance.
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Looks interesting, but Windulls only? My craptop won't be able to run it anyway.

Interesting, but I'm on Linux so peace out.

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