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[CTF] A Long Way

Hi all,

The original author of this fantastic World of Padman (WoP) map is Hectic. Please see readme.original.txt for Hectic's original info. His original map file is included. I tried to keep his original design as much as possible. Please see change log for my modification.

Feedback welcome.

The human cannon requires two players to operate, so it's a good idea to play on a server with somebody. I host one on my pickup server.

Change Log
r01: 2016-04-30

1. I changed the filename/mapname to be more explicit for easier organization. Because this Xonotic version of the map is very opinionated, I added my name to the version number for clarity.
2. I converted the WoP weapons to similar Xonotic ones, and replace redudant ones with another weapon.
3. I changed the location of jetpack to avoid too easy access to super weapons. I also changed the locaiton and distribution of a few items to avoid overpower by proximity.
4. I converted several triggers, entities, shaders to work in Xonotic, especially the 4 cannons.
5. I made the enclosing world much bigger so the map can be used for hooks, too. It does change a few ideas Hectic had, e.g. the center station in the sky was designed so that players can only enter easily from the team side, not the opponent side. Now with the ceiling raised, players can simply jump to the other side.
6. WoP differenciate spawning points and re-spawning points, but Xonotic doesn't. I only converted the spawning points and left re-spawning points unconverted, since there are enough of spawning points anyway.
7. The turrets were originally portable in WoP, but Xonotic doesn't have a comparable design so I just added fixed ones.

Download link

.jpg   a_long_way-bfg_r1.jpg (Size: 29.99 KB / Downloads: 91)

Update to r2, same link (see the first post). Choose the r2 file.

Change Log
r02: 2016-05-29

1. cleaned up unused textures
2. separate jetpack and power up (they used to overlap)

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