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[NEEDS INFO] -basedir /path/to/game


I cant get Xonotic to run.

Running elementary OS, downloaded game from official website in June 2016, unpacked zip. Game was working fine for 2 weeks before leaving out of state for work for a month. I get back and game wont work.

Attempting to launch game by clicking on either xonotic-linux64-glx or xonotic-linux64-sdl within unpacked folder.
Both result in a page 'You have reached this menu due to missing or unlocatable content/data'

I have tried launching via terminal and notice the following results:

Wow, OK I just attempted launching from terminal to retrieve the error messages I have been getting and the game opened!
So there is something going on here.
I updated and upgraded my distro several times during this issue with no luck but somehow it appears to be working this morning. PC was restarted after upgrades.

Before I was getting an error message, something about being locked and needing to assign a unique sessionid

I performed a rm of the entire Xonotic folder and re-downloaded the game last night. Tried using the updater twice with no luck.
Interesting, after deleting the entire folder and downloading the game again all my user information is still intact (user name, key mappings etc)

Maybe my distro is causing problems?
Could the dashes in the launch name be causing problems 'xonotic-linux64-sdl'

The problem is that your filemanager does not launch the game with the right working directory.
On linux, you should always use the .sh scripts because they make sure that your basedir is correct.

If you get an error message about lock or sessionid, it means that one xonotic instance is already running. Maybe you started the -dedicated version, which is only the server.

User information is kept in ~/.xonotic

To elaborate a bit more:

1. There is rarely a need to re-download the game (except for upgrading to the newer version). Once you get it running, it runs. Problems are usually on your setting, not with the game program itself.

2. If you are having lock problem, try this command (when you are not running Xonotic):

rm -f ~/.xonotic/lock*

And re-run Xonotic again. If it still doesn't work, please run this command and paste the result here for us to see:

ls -l ~/.xonotic

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