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Anyone use Linux on a desktop/workstation system?

I've been using the ck patch for a while. It does wonders for increasing the responsiveness of multitasking/multithreading. Anyone that uses Linux on a desktop/workstation should give it a try. I have noticed that some of my games get a 100 percent increase in frame rate when using this patch.

Once you go -ck you never go back.
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On topic, BTW:

Ubuntu users can install a -ck patched kernel from binaries, like this:

apt-add-repository ppa:chogydan/ppa
apt-get install linux-ck linux-ck-headers-generic
cd /etc/grub.d
cp 10_linux 09_linux-ck
sed -i 's/-\*/-\*ck-\*/g' 09_linux-ck
modprobe nvidia-current

(No idea why nvidia-current didn't load the first time)

I am currently trying that. I am not expecting higher fps though. To be expected is better behaviour of the game while compiling stuff in the background - something quite important for developers.

Just tested: I notice no fps decrease during a -j4 compile job on a my quadcore machine here. Not exactly a strong test, but still noticeably better than with CFS.
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