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Poll: Keep the map siz or scale them up?
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[RELEASE] Quake 1 Dm1-Dm7 map pack


Size: 456 MB

I have made Quake 1 DM map pack that is LEGAL and FREE. You don't need Quake to play the maps.

Pack contains:

- Q1DM1-Q1DM7 (maps)
- QRP Textures
- Q1 music


Maps compiled by Mario:
Textures by Quake Revitalization Project:
Music taken from Quake Wikia:


The maps are a bit small. How do you think, keep it or scale them up? Vote in poll (Play the maps first)
[Image: 89685.png]

456MB is a bit big to distribute on servers... Perhaps you could try compressing the textures? I managed to do this in my WIP Quake content pack:

Quake's player size was a lot smaller than Xonotic's (about 30%, by my calculations), scaling them up would be a good idea.
[Image: 230.png]

I tried them a minute ago.
Yes indeed, they are a little bit small. You could have fun on it anyway, but it seems that you know the map in 30 seconds.
Plus, some maps have really small areas (like The Abandoned Base) and thus feel really cramped.

One last thing though: I found them to be really dark (you can't see a thing sometimes). Is that normal/wanted, or not? 
Good work though!

(08-12-2017, 07:43 AM)hox3d Wrote: [...] I found them to be really dark (you can't see a thing sometimes). Is that normal/wanted, or not? [...]

This is normal
[Image: 89685.png]

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