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Compatibility with Nexuiz servers

Hello forumers!

I like Nexuiz very much, and just recently found out about illFonic Nexuiz and now Xonotic. The new game on new grounds is great news but there's one big issue for me regarding playing on current Nexuiz servers: apart from the need to connect manually, the game is nearly unplayable - no models (just jumping weaponsBig Grin) and other glitches. Situation will hopefully change with time with more Xonotic servers and players but currently it's a real showstopper. So how seriously do devs consider supporting Nexuiz-compatibility or are there any workarounds that I can try myself.


Nexuiz compatibility is explicitly dropped, as you can see a lot of the player models, maps, and textures are already incompatible, and this probably won't change. Solution: use Nexuiz to play on Nexuiz servers, don't use Xonotic before release.

Thanks, sounds right;)

There will be an extra downloadable pack to support Nexuiz servers, but they still will not appear in the server list. The pack will not be provided by default, as it adds bad player models.

Nexuiz maps will be supported by default.
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An option for showing Nexuiz servers on the server list would be very usefull, too. It's been first thing I've was looking for after I've run Xonotic.
There aren't many Xonotic servers and users, yet, so making an option to list Nexuiz servers which Xonotic with nexcompat pack could connect would be really needed for both playing and promoting Xonotic to Nexuiz community on their servers.

And btw. divVerent, the first, what I was looking for before downloading/compiling Xonotic was You and the stuff of people from Nexuiz community which make this project.
When I saw you on the list I knew that this project will be even better than Nexuiz.

As said previously, this will not be done. The goal is to split from Nexuiz, forget compatibility.

The incompatibility may sound weird and harsh, but it's just like it was before. Try playing with a Nexuiz 2.0 client on a 1.0 server, or vise versa.
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(10-15-2010, 10:51 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: As said previously, this will not be done. The goal is to split from Nexuiz, forget compatibility.

Yes, I know the goal is to split from Nexuiz but for the time that Xonotic is not yet finished and is compatibile with Nexuiz servers and can connect to them there could be an option to list and play on it's servers (maybe as an option or variable to set from console/config/script if not by default).

Then people will complain when compatibility goes away... Bad idea IMHO.
If you want to play on Nexuiz servers, why don't you use Nexuiz instead?

(10-17-2010, 01:09 PM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Then people will complain when compatibility goes away... Bad idea IMHO.

So ok, if no one else but me want it...

(10-17-2010, 01:09 PM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: If you want to play on Nexuiz servers, why don't you use Nexuiz instead?

I liked playing Nexuiz but now I've decided to not play it anymore because of ethic reasons like you did when you have forked it. I want to thank you, developers, and congratulate the work you've done in Nexuiz and now in Xonotic and wish you good luck with the game. It looks like it's a matter of time when most Nexuiz players will switch to Xonotic.
By the time I've run my Xonotic server ([PUP] Xonotic ... Server [....] by xeros [Minsta|Hook|+NexuizMaps]) which I'll try to get almost all the time online and switching to new versions every few days and to beta when it will be published. I've run it because I haven't found any Minstagib+Hook enabled Xonotic server. It should be simmilar to [PK] Nexuiz servers. In addition to Xonotic maps (there aren't too much of them for DM/Minsta, yet), I've included Cortez666 map pack and some additional Nexuiz maps, too but when there will be more good Xonotic maps the Nexuiz maps might get away.

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