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[Duel, 2v2] antares-dm1_b1

Performance Note:
* Toasters may have framerate issues because of the reflections, warpzones, and some water effects.

* Recently I tested this map and I noticed on the same hardware Windows 7 running Xonotic has less of a performance impact on framerate than Linux running Xonotic.

Weakest graphics card so far playing the map with full reflections: ATI Radeon 5770 @ 1920x1080

Windows: 100+ fps throughout the map
Linux: 60+ fps in MA room (good area), 15 fps in the atrium near water tank (absolute worst area)



I made a new map and excited to share. Started last Friday with the layout and geometry, then did touch up's and extra editing on Saturday and Sunday. Then pk3 packaging and some initial matches on Monday. Overall a very short process, and the beta phase of the map is balancing item placements.

On the design, I wanted it to be a blatant Xonotic map that couldn't be mistaken for a Quake port. Thus I have added many warpzones and many fights are set up for that. One of the goals was for beginner or intermediate players to immediately realize Xonotic's concepts and get an introduction to Xonotic concepts such as ramp jumping, rocket curving, and reliable ricochets without changing the game balance or removing features.

Infrequently on servers do I see DM pubs attempt to use ramps or intermediate to advanced movement, so I'm very happy to see some of them trying some of the ramp jumps on this map.




There is a separate .ent file because item placements have changed a bit from feedback from initial matches.

Almost forgot to mention:
I did an uncommon something and made red warpzones. Players can not pass through red warpzones, only projectiles; however they can pass through seemless and blue warpzones.

Attached Files
.pk3   antares-dm1_b1.pk3 (Size: 232.28 KB / Downloads: 30)
.txt   antares-dm1_b1.ent.txt (Size: 5.99 KB / Downloads: 12)

I took a quick look.
The concept is fun, you can do a lot of crazy stuff with warpzone (in fact, I think they might be the coolest Xonotic feature of all times) and you do it well here. The warpzone mayhem you got here is interesting.

One thing though: I don't think a got a toaster (ThinkPad X230), but I had some framerate issues. So yeah, I don't know if optimization would change anything (or if it's even possible) afterwards, but maybe.

Good one though.

Indeed. I wanted to make the warpzone and physical impossibility very blatant. Sometimes they go unnoticed, and in terms of gameplay, just considered simple doors with an extra glow until someone realizes their position and path. Often I see the accusation that "Xonotic is just a Quake clone so why not just play Quake", so I wanted a map where someone immediately notices the difference.

As for performance, I don't know if there's anything significant that I can do as a mapper. I'd re-estimate that people with a dedicated GPU wouldn't have issues.

(08-31-2017, 01:32 PM)Antares* Wrote: As for performance, I don't know if there's anything significant that I can do as a mapper.

I would never play this map with this in the "antares-dm1_b1.mapinfo" file:

clientsettemp_for_type all r_water_resolutionmultiplier 1

(09-02-2017, 04:39 AM)Julius Wrote:
(08-31-2017, 01:32 PM)Antares* Wrote: As for performance, I don't know if there's anything significant that I can do as a mapper.

I would never play this map with this in the "antares-dm1_b1.mapinfo" file:

clientsettemp_for_type all r_water_resolutionmultiplier 1

That's (and the other one) is set so the warpzones are fully see-through. The map is made around being able to aim & shoot through them, otherwise the Mega room conflicts would be guesswork or blind firing. It might help the people who turned reflections off, or low quality thinking it was just graphical flair (like I used to do).

If you still disagree with that, you can just toss the edited copy in ~/.xonotic/data/maps/.

Congratulations to thimoe, the first European recorded to have played the map.

Sep 21 23:40:27 <v-pacific>    <thimoe> YES MADOOOKKKKAAAA we did it, we beat the map maker

Sep 21 23:40:27 <v-pacific>    <Antares★ the American> ok first european to play this map, what do you think about it?

Sep 21 23:41:34 <v-pacific>    <thimoe> took me a while to understand the map, but i think it was very fun to play =)

Sep 21 23:41:47 <v-pacific>    <thimoe> mortar room messed with my head a bit so i kinda skipped that room entirely

Congratulations to sawa, the first girl recorded to have played the map.
Sep 25 23:13:59 <v-pacific>    <Antares?> what did first girl to play on antares-dm1_b1 think about the map?
Sep 25 23:14:10 <v-pacific>    <t0uYK8Ne> oh
Sep 25 23:14:11 <v-pacific>    <Sawa> oh
Sep 25 23:14:37 <v-pacific>    <t0uYK8Ne> i thought Sawa was talking about my map
Sep 25 23:14:39 <v-pacific>    <t0uYK8Ne> :P
Sep 25 23:14:42 <v-pacific>    <Sawa> it is good for keepaway :)
Sep 25 23:14:52 <v-pacific>    <t0uYK8Ne> Antares? what was the intended game mode?
Sep 25 23:14:56 <v-pacific>    <t0uYK8Ne> tdm?
Sep 25 23:14:58 <v-pacific>    <Antares?> 2v2/duel lol
Sep 25 23:15:21 <v-pacific>    <Sawa> there's a lot of weird teleporters
Sep 25 23:15:24 <v-pacific>    <t0uYK8Ne> i just realized i haven't given any feedback on it yet
Sep 25 23:15:33 <v-pacific>    <t0uYK8Ne> i don't like the clusters of items
Sep 25 23:15:38 <v-pacific>    <Sawa> and I don't know how that mid area would work in duel
Sep 25 23:15:40 <v-pacific>    <t0uYK8Ne> they should be spread out more
Sep 25 23:15:53 <v-pacific>    <t0uYK8Ne> definitely feels more of a ffa/tdm map
Sep 25 23:15:54 <v-pacific>    <Sawa> I think the vortex area would be too easy
Sep 25 23:16:43 <v-pacific>    <t0uYK8Ne> the warpzones at the vortex feel pointless
Sep 25 23:16:47 <v-pacific>    <Sawa> I agree
pls ignore the jealous caliboy trying to impress the texas gal with his mapping skills.

Congratulations to Antibody of Team Xonotic, the first recorded game developer to play a match on the map.
Nov 14 17:48:35 <v-pacific>    tdm_antares-dm1_b1 has begun (7 free slots); join now: xonotic +connect
Nov 14 17:48:40 <v-pacific>    * t0uYK8Ne calls a vote for "-bots"
Nov 14 17:48:43 <v-pacific>    * the vote ended with yes: 3:0, 0 didn't care, 1 didn't vote
Nov 14 17:49:09 <v-pacific>    <t0uYK8Ne> were you expecting that to be a jumppad?
Nov 14 17:49:25 <v-pacific>    <Antibody [dev]> yes
Nov 14 17:49:29 <v-pacific>    <t0uYK8Ne> Have fun!
Nov 14 17:49:29 <v-pacific>    <Destiny's Mission> gl hf
Nov 14 17:49:36 <v-pacific>    <Antibody [dev]> hfhf
Nov 14 17:50:09 <v-pacific>    <t0uYK8Ne> lol
Nov 14 17:55:04 <v-pacific>    + join: deepjack
Nov 14 17:58:22 <v-pacific>    <t0uYK8Ne> Nice one!
Nov 14 17:59:02 <v-pacific>    <Destiny's Mission> fuc
Nov 14 18:02:49 <v-pacific>    <t0uYK8Ne> Nice one!
Nov 14 18:04:18 <v-pacific>    <t0uYK8Ne> lol
Nov 14 18:04:38 <v-pacific>    <t0uYK8Ne> Good game!
Nov 14 18:04:39 <v-pacific>    <Destiny's Mission> gg
Nov 14 18:04:39 <v-pacific>    <Vertex> good game
Nov 14 18:04:40 <v-pacific>    <Antibody [dev]> gg
Nov 14 18:04:47 <v-pacific>    <t0uYK8Ne> everything is so isolated
Nov 14 18:04:55 <v-pacific>    <Destiny's Mission> very trippy map
Nov 14 18:04:58 <v-pacific>    <Antibody [dev]> i liked it, it was fun
Nov 14 18:04:59 <v-pacific>    <Destiny's Mission> \
Nov 14 18:05:05 <v-pacific>    <Antibody [dev]> this wouldn't be a competitive one though
Nov 14 18:05:14 <v-pacific>    <t0uYK8Ne> there should definitely be a jump pad
Nov 14 18:05:25 <v-pacific>    tdm_boil has begun (11 free slots); join now: xonotic +connect
Nov 14 18:05:34 <v-pacific>    <Antibody [dev]> antares: make a jumppad by the red "carpet" thingy

Finally got a chance to play it. Very cool map! I very much like how there are so many special windows for various strategies.

Hey I tested your map and it's cool. I like the idea of using those warpzones in mindfucking ways like these. That sniper room did confuse me for a second because I was expecting to be ported across the map.

That center area is really cool but needs some tweaking. I hate how water now blurs and tints your screen(that level of immersion i do not apprechiate) entirely so you wanna leave it. I feel like I could easily snipe you from the lower entry portal in that when I notice you swimming in there.

Also I looked a little closer into the map and found some small optimizations you could do like:
-merging brushes
-making redundant surfaces face each other
-making non-structure-defining brushes detail (saves some time during the vis compilation process and may result in better performance when not having tiny area portals on each step of your staircase (r_showportals 1))

Here are my suggestions as images and maps:

-shrunk rededge texture so it looks more like it would block you. (When having all maps using this texture as a nonsolid, one using it as solid was really counterintuitive):
[Image: d4vL7xK.jpg]

-fake warpzone to import another skytexture maybe (a fun little idea that could fit with your concept):
[Image: q3nTDFW.jpg]

and the center-gl-warpzone-room(hourglass) I took some more time to make it usable in a way I would play it because it's a really cool feature and removing it kinda destroys the whole map as it is now.
I added some red lights for me to find the portals easier. And swapped the glass texture because iirc the texture you used werent so static so I used this which works for me.

[Image: guFLGvb.jpg]
The dumb thing is I modified it in another map, got it working but in your map the trigger_gravity and trigger_impulse aren't working at all. I dont know why but on your map I cant get those entities to work.

The trigger gravity almost completely removes gravity in that area while the trigger_impulse multiplies your acceleration by 3 each tick so you can float through it in both directions.
[Image: dbTbnsc.png]
Ther numbers on the walls are the gravity multiplier and 2 areas -marked with white stripes- also have trigger_impulse.
[Image: Dy6ebYV.jpg]

Also the map I compiled somehow turned solid brushed into player clips. (near the mega health room at the top)
Here you can view and test the changes for yourself:

The second map i made is simply called 'gravtest' and only accessible via console. There the hourglass works and compiles faster for testing.

Anyways keep up the good work Smile

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