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Loot boxes will be finally defined as gambling

Here's a great video describing what are loot boxes. Basically, they are boxes you buy for real money and get random reward from them. So it's just gambling but it didn't satisfy the definition of gambling because in-game items supposedly didn't have real world value.

Well, until now. EU & US are now working on new laws that will regulate this gambling. At least sometimes they have common sense.

That's really good news. Thank you for sharing!
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I uploaded this video of me messing around in Team Fortress 2 around a week ago. When it comes to loot box gambling, you are looking at one of the big dogs right here. Heck, in order to get hats (and other forms of swag) in this game, you either have to buy them, buy keys to open those cosmetic crates that you are given (or that you buy,) trade for them (don't bother,) or buy at least one item from the store so that you end up with premium status and hope that you are eventually given some.

Yup. TF2 made me a free software activist. I'm surprised people talk about Overwatch and Star Wars Battlefront 2 while ignoring Team Fortress 2. Valve did it first and it is imperative to boycott Valve and Steam.

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