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Xonotic Trailer


I've identified five issues with this video but otherwise, it is very good.

1. old logo (you can find the new ones here
2. missing textures (I believe someone was working with Justin to fix these?)
3. doesn't show off the hud (Similar to FruitieX's video showing it off )
4. the copy (language) needs work (need more facts, power words and less opinion)
5. Is the music copyrighted?

Maybe we can compile more updates/ideas and work with Justin (JustynSlawinski1) about remaking this video to attract some players to the upcoming beta releases.

i would problem number 6 is use of nexuiz and quake 3 maps
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Any progress on this? I'd like to update some of the videos on the homepage.

(11-08-2010, 10:59 AM)Cortez666 Wrote: i would problem number 6 is use of nexuiz and quake 3 maps

What bothers me the most is all the comparisons that is made without ever mentioning Nexuiz...

All the text mention "more" or "better"... But without a reference, that sucks... Sooo bad... A trailer is made to get new players not to entertain the Nexuiz people...

And "best designed interface"....... -.-

Other than this, good trailer.
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